Monday, November 25, 2013


Book Name: A Discreet Gentleman of Intrigue

Author's Name: Kris Tualla

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Brander & Regin

Series: The Discreet Gentleman Series #4

Release Date: 10/20/13 

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BLURB: Deaf investigator, Brander Hansen, is convinced the man he glimpsed in Christiania is his childhood friend, though that man's headless body was discovered weeks ago. Catching the suspect leaving a tavern, Brander follows. Attacked, Brander is taken prisoner and dumped in St. Petersburg - where he doesn't understand the language or alphabet. With nothing but the clothes on his body, Brander struggles to survive.
Regin Hansen doesn't know where her husband is - or if he is alive. She sails for Denmark hoping Prince Christian VI will aid her search. In exchange, Christian asks Regin to do some discovering on his behalf, befriending an international diplomat. Pleasant at first, the diplomat threatens Regin when he is dissatisfied with her efforts to influence the prince. Regin must balance her friendship with the prince and the demands of the diplomat, all the while wondering if she has been widowed once again.

Reviewed By: LT
My Rating: 4.5
If you love historical romance this is the series for you.
In the author's own words "Norway IS the new Scotland!" No Kilts for these heroes. Big, blond, buff and beautiful,with eyes the color of seawater; the blood of their Viking ancestors flowing through their veins. (These stories are based in the 1300's through 1800's time period).

Brander is deaf but can read lips and carries something to write with at all times. While investigating why a certain woman spends her time away from her home everyday, he is caught up in something he didn't see coming . He is thrown in prison where he is almost helpless. He can't read the prisoners lips or write their words because of the difference in their languages. He needs their help to him get back home to the loving pregnant wife he knows that will be worried sick about him. 

Regin who has already been windowed once, is caught in her husband's investigation when she is asked to go undercover and befriend the female suspect. When her husband comes up missing she takes on a whole new role and sets sail to find help from anyone that can find her missing husband. But while doing this she is put in the middle of two men who both want something from her.

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