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Aneesa Price's SUPERNATURAL SEDUCTION Blog Tour & Giveaway

Vampire Versus Journalist
Guest Post
Aneese Price
Interview between Jennifer, journalist for Immortal, the vampire magazine and Marie, Vampire Caterer and Wedding Planner (And Secret Necromancer and Coffin Girl).

Jennifer, interviewer for Immortal, the only (and secret) magazine for vampires, met Marie at the door to her office and waved a hand in the direction of a sofa. Marie took a seat and Jennifer another, an occasional table separating them.

As a guest, Marie was offered blood from the goblet on the table. Social niceties dictated that she sipped from it and she fought the urge to spew. Its taste was vile, more violent than its deep, burgundy color.

“Ah! The blood of a psychopath. Merci. I am enchanted by your welcome,” brown eyes remaining unperturbed, Marie lied, raising her chin and flipping her dark curls over her shoulder as an act of confidence. “You honor me, Jennifer.” Marie barely managed to keep from shivering. The psychopath’s acts made Hannibal Lector look like a candidate for sainthood. Yet, the blood of the butcher caressed the dark, vampire magick within her, playing with it, soothing it.

“Nothing but the best for one of the favored caterers of the Vampire Council and the offspring of his child, Anais,” Jennifer smiled broadly, flashing fangs. “Of course, you’re more than one of Anais’s children now. You’ve recently returned from Ireland, I understand? And of course, Anais is now Yves’ diplomatic emissary to the witches. ”

Sensing that the interview had begun and with grudging admiration for the journalist’s skill at moving seamlessly towards the ‘grilling’ stage of things, Marie put her ‘game face’ on. The red-haired journalist may seem like a fragile waif but was known to be brutally manipulative.

“Yes,” Marie nodded, opportunistically putting the goblet of blood back on the table. “Anais’ time is divided between New Orleans and Ireland. I spent time there with Niul, the witch prince’s head of security and friend. Yves wants us to establish closer ties with the witches.”

“What is the Enchanted Island like?” Jennifer probed. “Would other vampires be able to visit?”

“It’s beautiful, like the magickal places petite, human girls read of,” Marie responded. “But Anais will be the best one to tell you of it,” Marie hinted.

“Yes, I must chat to her about coming for an interview. A pity she couldn’t make this one.”

“With the exposure to the vampire population that your magazine can offer our business, I’m sure she’ll agree,” Marie lied again. There was no way Anais would accept an interview in her current state and given the hike in vampire lust for witch blood, they’d suck one of their own dry before giving any information on the Enchanted Island.

“I’ve got to get back to the plantation soon…” Marie looked at her watch.

Taking the hint, Jennifer progressed with the intended interview. “Marie, you’ve hosted the Vampire Council’s annual ball since its inauguration. Yet, every vampire in attendance cannot stop talking about this year’s event. What made it different?”

Marie grinned cheekily. “We had an unlimited budget and could indulge our whim. Yves gave us carte blanche on the theme of the event and stated that he wanted something different. A wicked sense of humor took care of the rest. We ended up with juggling chain saws, burlesque meets nineteenth century tavern and an overindulgence of the senses.”

“Yes,” agreed Jennifer, “we vamps do like our things pretty and macabre. I’m sure the attendance of the witches added to the sensationalism of the event?”

Marie chose to treat the question as a statement and remained silent.

Jennifer sensed Marie’s reticence and returned to the expected questions. “To those vampires who are unaware of your business, what can you tell them about it?”
Relieved, Marie replied. “My sisters and I have a wedding planning business. We cater and hosts events such as weddings, anniversaries and balls. The events are primarily held at Papillion Plantation but we also have smaller venues in the French Quarter and Garden District in New Orleans.”

“Do you only cater vampire events?” Jennifer asked.

“No. The business serves as a means of income but more importantly, it provides a cover for the locals. So, most of our business comes from humans. They see us as eccentric business women. Plus, we use local suppliers and human staff during the day and have gained the local community’s loyalty. Anything unusual is brushed away because of it.”

“The locals do seem to have a penchant for the unusual,” Jennifer observed.

Marie shrugged, “I grew up here, so I don’t know any different. But, if you mean whether or not we accept the impossible in New Orleans, then yeah.”

“Do you still have relatives here then?” Jennifer enquired.

Oh, hell no, thought Marie. We are not going there. “Nope,” she shook her head. “My sisters are my family now. And Anais of course.”

“I’ve heard the tales of the Coffin Girls,” Jennifer commented. “I’d assumed that you were all eighteenth century immigrants from France.”

“The local lore is that the Coffin Girls came with the Ursuline nuns in the 1700’s,” Marie, settled into the chair but kept her guard up – the journalist was astute. Let her think that I’m hers for the grilling. “They were rumored to be vampires because each girl carried her trousseau in a coffin-shaped box. The truth is that they were human. Anais was turned after her husband’s death – he was a local plantation owner - by Yves. And the rest of us, after that.”

“I love the name, Coffin Girls!” Jennifer’s eyes gleamed speculatively. “It’s such a simple, yet strong name. And, speaking of strength, I’ve heard that your sisters and you have begun a supernatural police force of sorts? You kill bad supes?

Marie scowled inwardly. They had a freaking rat in their midst. Maintaining her composure, she feigned a laugh. “That’s a crock of brown stuff. No way. Where would we find time? Do you know how much time goes into planning a wedding? We also plan supe events like the annual Vampire Council’s ball. And why on earth would we police the supes when we have the council?”

Marie noticed a moment of disbelief on Jennifer’s face. Uh-oh. This needed to be dealt with. The journalist had connections. Hopefully she had enough time to get back to the plantation and concoct a memory-altering spell.

“On the subject of your business,” Jennifer continued smoothly, “Rose, your sister, has gained a fantastic reputation for her blood-alcohol drinks. What’s your favorite?”

“Bloodka – a blood, vodka mix. Have you tried any of them?”

“Yes,” Jennifer grinned appreciatively, “I’m partial to vampayne.”

Marie’s head bobbed, “Bubbly mixed with blood. It suits you.”

“What was the scariest moment of your life?” Jennifer asked.

Not going to catch unawares, Marie saw the verbal trap. “How astute of you to know that wedding planning can be a scary business. There’s a reason why the term, ‘bridezilla’, exists. One time…”

“I can only imagine,” Jennifer interrupted. “But, I’ve also heard of you raising zombies. Surely that must have been scary?”

Marie’s brow burrowed in confusion, “Excuse me?”

“Aren’t you a necromancer?” asked Jennifer.

“I’m sorry,” Marie shook her head as though to clear it. “Necromancer? What’s that?”

“You don’t know what a necromancer is?”

“Nope,” Marie stated flippantly. “It sounds weird, though. I’ll Google it when I get home.”

Huh! Marie nearly jumped up and did a happy jig around the sofa. She’d caught Jennifer scowling. Huh! Point to her. Now was as good a time to leave as any. Before Jennifer could continue with the interview, Marie stood up. “Yikes! I’ve got to go. Thanks so much for the interview. Stop by the Plantation for a meal when you have some free time. It’s on us. See yah!” Marie dashed out of the door before she could be stopped. 


Coffin Girls, #1

Publication Date:  7/18/12 

A sexy, female vampire with secrets. A sinfully-handsome witch prince on a mission. A formidable Vampire Council with something to hide.
A vampire descendent from the original Coffin Girls, Anais runs a successful event and wedding planning business from her majestic New Orleans plantation house. To the Vampire Council, she is seen as an exemplary hostess and household head of a misfit bunch of vampires.
When Yves, her maker and head of the Vampire Council requests her assistance in hosting the mysterious, yet dashing Prince of Witches, Conall, she has no option but to accept. But Anais is the keeper of secrets; secrets that can kill. Protective of her family’s undiscovered uniqueness, Anais is guarded, yet intrigued by the enigmatic witch prince.
Conall and Anais are drawn together when confronted with fatal encounters and an unimaginable destiny… if she’s willing to accept it and fight.
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The Coffin Girls,  #2
Publication Date:   July 18, 2013  
This is an adult paranormal romance and contains scenes of explicit sex, violence and strong language.
Witch-vampire, Sophie, has the power to feel and influence others’ emotions. With the establishment of the Coffin Girls as warriors for the Goddess that kick supernatural ass, the effects of her empath abilities threaten to harm her. Sylvain, the mischievous and seductive fae prince and Coffin Girls ally, offers her the assistance of the fae to hone her powers. Sophie is drawn to Sylvain, which unnerves her as her hope for love has only ever led to devastation. The two of them must face the demons of their past, unknown enemies and new evil to find true happiness at last.
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You have to dream, think big and believe. Then, while you're at that - work harder than you ever have before!
Aneesa Price writes romance and lives it with her university sweetheart and husband. After having surmounted the challenges of being in a bi-racial marriage in the newly democratic South Africa, she now attributes her marital bliss to purposefully added spice and passionately resolved differences. After living in a variety of cities in South Africa, the cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg is the playground that she enjoys with her husband and two daughters.
Aneesa completed her internship in counselling psychology and went on to work first as a therapist and then in Corporate Finance in on projects and in organizational change. This diversity in experience, coupled with her understanding of the human psyche, is translated into her writing through the creation of believable, flawed characters with the innate ability to overcome adversity.
She writes to give her readers the gift of experiencing the new and fascinating, something she strives for herself when she explores new places, reads, cooks with her kids or goes picking for antiques with her husband.
She welcomes new connections so feel free to 'friend' her on facebook or follow her on twitter.
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