Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Book Name: Portrait of Seduction

Author's Name:  Madison Chase 

Category: Paranormal romance

Main Characters: Carter and Victoria
Series: Seduction Series
Author's Website: Madison Chase

BLURB: When heiress Victoria Aragon signed up to be sold at her friend’s Bachelorette Auction, she had no idea that a private bidding war would ensue. Who won the date with her remains a mystery and she can only hope the handsome man that’s been watching her with desire in his eyes is one of the interested parties.
Vampire Carter Vaggio hasn’t seen such an intriguing woman in more years than he can count. She is flawless but the for shadows in her eyes. Would that he could erase them as easily as he applies paint to canvas. But like many things in his life, she is fleeting, a brilliant sparkle but for a moment.
Or is she?
Warning: Contains a delectably hot artist, conspiring evil forces, a colorful mosaic of paranormal folk, white hot lust, a sexy Masquerade Ball and a Bachelorette Auction you won’t forget.  

Victoria Aragon fondly remembers the intriguing stories that her loving grandfather told her of the supernatural, and magic. Never really believing in his tales, she has a hard time coming to grips that there truly is more in the world than she ever imagined. That is, until her sister’s spirit leads her to their grandfather’s hidden documents in the study and is informed that her very life is in danger.
Carter Vaggio never dreamed when he found his one true mate that she would be human. Hired to paint Victoria’s portrait by her grandmother, Carter’s heart soon demands that he can never let her go. But within a blink of an eye, everything changes and to protect the love of his life, he must turn Victoria's world upside down.
A fast flowing enjoyable read, with a hot and sexy hunk to boot, this spellbinding story is perfect to curl up with on the couch and become lost in. Yet at the end of book this story has only begun, with so many alluring character to learn more about, the next installment is very much anticipated.
Reviewed By: Shonna 
My Rating: 3 

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