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Guest post and Giveaway with Nola Sarina

Guest Post
 Nola Sarina

There’s Something About Vampires

We’re all guilty. Don’t even try to deny it: there is something about a vampire that just lures you in. Like the last piece of a delicious cheesecake, the temptation is just too hard to resist. Maybe it’s his hypnotic voice, the way he lulls you into a false sense of security. Maybe it’s that fabulous, flawless, blood-drinking physique. Perhaps you like the danger, and you live your life on the edge (through fiction, anyway).

In so many ways, vampires are creatures we’d never dare to touch, but like to imagine anyway. They’re kind of like dragons: in theory, so magnificent I’d love one as a pet, but in real life I’d only want to meet one if it’s totally harmless and maybe doesn’t quite breathe fire.

For me, vampires are all that and a bag of chips. Anytime a new vampire story comes out, I itch to scoop it up and see what’s different, what’s new. See what they can do that they couldn’t do before, and what limitations have been placed upon them by their authors. Some vampires can walk in sunlight, some simply sparkle when they do. Some must exchange blood to transform a human being into a vampire, some follow other rituals. Any way it plays out, it’s always exciting, and through the years my love affair with vampires hasn’t dwindled a bit.

As a writer, I sat down to write my Vesper series not yet knowing they were different from vampires. What dragged me deep into the magnificent pit of writing vampire-based stories was something quite different than what pulled me in as a reader.

I fell in love with their emotions. Think about it: if you’re immortal and have hundreds upon hundreds of years to learn who you are, your emotions become that much more potent. Vampires experience wrath in a sort of fed-up-can’t-take-it-any-more snap! kind of way, because they’ve had so many years to learn exactly what they will not tolerate. They’re also a bit desensitized to death.

That desensitization is what makes vampires so absolutely addicting for me as an author: it takes one hell of a connection with another person to break through those decades or centuries of desensitization. Vampires love with the greatest intensity of all creatures I’ve encountered in imaginary worlds because of that connection: that undeniable, I-will-die-for-you thirst for companionship that only happens once in a lifetime. So when that person’s life is threatened, the stakes are so much higher: if the vampire fails to protect that person, the pain is amplified by a million. And if he succeeds in protecting that relationship, the reward is that much greater, too.

The passion with which vampires experience those rare connections is what drew me into a vampire-based world as a writer. I wanted to create relationships that made readers delight, cry, and even bleed with the characters, as I’ve done for so many years with vampires. My Vespers evolved into something not-quite-vampire because I tired quickly of reading blood-drinking feasts after a while, and wanted them to pack more punch. Vespers feed on human beings, but in a way that I hope will send unexpected shivers up your spine just before the demon sweeps you off your feet again by the intensity with which he (or she!) loves. I hope you’ll find that Vespers are everything vampires are - dark, sexy, and intense – and more.

Thank you so much to Vampires, Werewolves, & Fairies Oh My! For having me here as a guest blogger – it’s truly an honor to write for a site dedicated to (in my opinion) the most fascinating, inspiring creatures in fiction.

Gilded Destiny
A deadly, alluring stranger. The consequences of loving a doomed immortal. The steamy hot, heart-wrenchingly emotional, edge-of-your-seat first Vesper novella Gilded Destiny is paranormal romance like you've never seen it before.
A woman's memory returns when she falls in love with the monster who took it from her.
Calli tattoos her skin to fill the holes in her memory, thanks to an accident that left her mind damaged and empty. But a nasty encounter with a fired employee leaves her in the arms of her unlikely savior: Nycholas, a predatory, serpentine Vesper on the run from his brutal master.
Nycholas’ clandestine world holds the secrets to mankind’s origin and survival… but he only wants one thing before his time is up: a few colorful nights with Calli, the fragile, tattooed, human woman he pursued and saved.
The more Calli learns about Nycholas, the more her own darkened memories return to her. Despite her haunted past, she loses herself to passion and desire with her immortal captor.
Now, Calli must overcome the demons of her past, or allow Nycholas to kiss her memories away and spare her the trauma of loving a doomed immortal. But each choice comes with dire consequences – some that endanger not only herself, but her family as well. 

Available at: Amazon

Jaded Touch
The explosive, second Vesper novella Jaded Touch is full of emotion, suspense, and even sexier immortal passion.
Three is tormented by the branding scars on her back, broken memories of her fallen creator, and the looming consequences of her secret friendship with Sychar - a male of her kind - a high crime in her world of serpentine guardians.
Then along comes Jack - the human train conductor she saves in an explosion. His touch weakens both her knees and her sense of duty. Now Three must choose between her immortal duties, her forbidden friendship, and her human lover.
With every choice comes a cost, but not every cost is hers to pay... 

Available at: Amazon 

Wild Hyacinthe
A deadly lover. His perfect mate. Asher is everything Aria's never dared to imagine: sexy, confident, and rich. But if she convinces him to take her to his bed . . . her first time may be her last.
Incubus Asher Chain seduces every woman he meets whether he wants to or not, and refuses to let anyone grow close to him. Until the alluring, tattooed waitress Aria Hyacinthe admits she’s been living in her car. Enthralled by her unusual beauty - and terrified he’ll succumb to his deadly, incubus needs - Asher offers her a place to stay.
Living in Asher's loft above his gym, Aria's desire for his body is growing more urgent with every touch. Used to being the backward, shy one, in his presence she becomes fierce, captivating, and breaks down Asher’s walls against all his attempts to keep his distance. She has no clue that if he gives in to her passionate pleas, she won't survive the night, just like all the other women who have fallen victim to his charms.
But the deeper Asher and Aria fall in love, the harder he must fight the incubus in his soul, demanding her life.

Available at: Amazon

About the Author:
Nola Sarina is a mother and lover of romance in all its beautiful forms. As an author of paranormal romance and dark fantantasy from Alberta, Canada, she enjoys weaving romances that leave you breathless and challenge typical relationships with the most mind-blowing twists.
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