Thursday, January 16, 2014

JADED TOUCH by Nola Sarina

Book Name: Jaded Touch
Author's Name: Nola Sarina  
Main Characters: Three and Jack

Series: Vesper
Release Date: 11/29/13

Author's Website:  

Blurb: Three is tormented by the branding scars on her back, broken memories of her fallen creator, and the looming consequences of her secret friendship with Sychar - a male of her kind - a high crime in her world of serpentine guardians.
Then along comes Jack - the human train conductor she saves in an explosion. His touch weakens both her knees and her sense of duty. Now Three must choose between her immortal duties, her forbidden friendship, and her human lover.
With every choice comes a cost, but not every cost is hers to pay...

 Shonna's review: Considered different because of her origin among the Maid Vespers, Three struggles with an uncontrollable temper and the altered memory of her creator and past. Constantly being tormented by her sister Maids, she also runs the risk of being “tamed” or controlled if taken sexually by a Gent Vesper.
Jack, a human trainman for the Vespers, dares to acknowledge his forbidden attraction to Three after she saves his life in a train attack. Knowing that if it is discovered, he faces certain death, his feeling override the fear as he reaches out to Three and opens a new and daring world to her.
Again, as in the first installment of the VESPER series, this is an extremely different story created by Nola Sarina. While this could be read as a stand alone, I do recommend that you read Gilded Destiny first to achieve a better understanding of some of the Vesper background. Adding a twist to the story is a character by the name of Sychar. Another bold Vesper, he presents another story that has yet to be told in the future.   If you are looking for a read that is outside the box with a different turn that makes you say WOW, this is  certainly a story you should give a try.
My rating : 3

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