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Book Name: Battle to Become 

Book Series: Otherworld Desires #1

Book released: 12/12/13

Author's Name: Max Henry

Category: F/M

Main Characters: Marney and Crius

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Heat Level: Embers

Blurb: Marney Carras knows she is forced to move on. After her father's death, she took pride in the job she did - completely on her own - to keep the last piece of her history alive and the bar doors open for business. When the cards are stacked against her, life may no longer be predictable, but it's still under control. That is, until a tall, dark, and handsome stranger decides her bar is the perfect one for a fight.
Crius Vitalis has one wish in his forsaken life - to undo the curse inflicted on him centuries ago by the very people he trusts the least. All it takes is one simple task, one little action. But finding the right person to help him is the hardest part.
When their worlds collide, they find that despite the vast contrast between them, they aren't so different after all. Can opposites really attract? Or will the constant charge between them finally drive them apart before they can discover what fate has in store...

Reviewed by LT

Rating: 4
Marney is trying her hardest to make her small bar flourish after it was passed down to her when her father died. But there is a world she is unaware of that makes it hard to keep her doors open. She made a promise to keep the doors open and to make it as popular as it was in it's hay days when her father owned the bar. But she's doesn't have any money, and the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worst. In walks Cruis, who has been tracking otherworld beings in hopes of finding the one person that can help rid him of his curse. But along the way he leaves some battered bodies. When he notices one of Marney’s customers going a little too far with his attraction to her, he beats the guy to a bloody pulp. Cruis and Marney both know they are no good for each other and try to stay away from each other. But they are pulled together time and time again over one reason or another. Cruis finds himself wanting to help and save her and her bar. Marney finds herself in a dangerous world full of shifters, witches and a number of otherworlders.

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