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Q&A with author Max Henry

1. Tell us about BATTLE TO BECOME.
Crius Vitalis is a jaded man. Many centuries ago he was cursed with immortality, leaving him disillusioned with life after watching those he loved age and pass away, unable to do a thing. Emotionally closed off, he knows that the only hope he has of reversing the curse is again being intimiate with someone. Only, how can he do that when he can't stand the thought of being touched? 
Marney Carras has found independence and strength in her life, not by choice, but from duty to her deceased father. After taking over his bar, she has poured herself into making it again the success it once was. The last thing she needs on her already hectic schedule is some brooding, and dangerous man. Yet she can't deny the attraction she feels toward him, and is determined to uncover the real person behind his tough-guy facade. 
Will Crius be able to face his demons and let Marney in? And when Marney discovers the truth about herself along the way, will she be able to cope? Opposites may attract, but will they stay together?

2. Would you tell us about planned future installments for this series?
The second title in the series, Methods for Mayhem, has been released this past weekend. It follows on from where Battle to Become ended, taking us on a journey with Graco and Ashley. 
The third title, Lessons in Love, is being written as we speak, and I plan to have this released mid-2014. 
Three more titles will continue the story of this group of friends, bringing the series total to six.

3. Do you have conversations with your characters?
Not conversations, but they show me things. The way a story plays out in my head before it is written, is much like snippets from a movie. I'll see a conversation, a moment in time where a major event occurs, or just an image of a character as though I'm watching from afar.
Depending on the strength of the characters, it can take weeks or months for all the pieces to fall together and make a story. 

4. Do you find that you take characteristics from people you are close to and add them into your characters, or do you purposely try to avoid doing this?
Definitely. I think you'll struggle to find a writer who doesn't do this - consciously or subconsciously. I do make an effort (if I recognize that I'm doing it) to not  make it too obvious. I don't want that person to read my story and know that a character is like them.

5. How many hours a day do you try to devote to writing?
When the kids are at pre-school? At least eight. Otherwise it's a few hours grabbed here and there while they nap, or after bed.

6. Where is the strangest place that all of a sudden “DING” an idea unfolded in your mind?
I don't know about strange, but I have three main places: driving, showering, or hanging out the washing. anything that means my mind is semi-dormant and my imagination can go into over-drive. 

7. Do you think that what readers want here in the states, is different that what readers want in Australia?
Apart from the cultural differences, i.e. US readers seeing Australia as a foreign backdrop for a story, and vice-versa - no. We all look for different qualities in our ideal relationship, but essentially it all comes down to the same thing; love, and acceptance.

8. What do you think is the biggest difference between authors in your home land and the USA?
Technically, my homeland is New Zealand. But either way, I think the biggest difference is physical marketing opportunities. While the world of eBooks has leveled the playing field in terms of exposure to readers, the smaller your country, the less opportunities there are for group signings.
Which is where the devoted fans and bloggers come in. This March I'm attending the inaugural Indie Authors Down Under signing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane. It's going to be an awesome event, pulled together by two fantastic ladies who saw an opportunity, and put their hand up to make a difference. I couldn't be more grateful for people like them.

9. What do you like to do for fun when you’re not writing?
I'm a bit of a tom-boy, and if it involves engines and speed, I'm into it. Hubby and I used to watch a bit of speedway back in NZ, and since moving to Australia, we've got back into 4WD-ing (I think you call it mudding in the states?). Otherwise I've got myself rather addicted to the gym, and most days fit in a session with the weights.
However, my boys are my focus at the moment. So as much as there are times when I have to work while they're home, I try to separate the two and make sure they get the most of my attention. Kids are only young once, and I don't want to miss out on a thing. 

10. Tell our followers five things about yourself so they can get to know you better.
1. I'm a neurotic perfectionist.
2. M&M's are my weakness - and yes, I have to eat them in such a way that I either eat all of one color first, or leave an even number of all colors as I go ... ^see above point
3. I have to write to music.
4. I was diagnosed as clinically depressed at age thirteen.
5. I love dogs, and re-homing our fur-babies before we shifted was heart-wrenching.

Thanks again,
Max Henry

Battle to Become
Max Henry 

Blurb: Marney Carras knows she is forced to move on. After her father's death, she took pride in the job she did - completely on her own - to keep the last piece of her history alive and the bar doors open for business. When the cards are stacked against her, life may no longer be predictable, but it's still under control. That is, until a tall, dark, and handsome stranger decides her bar is the perfect one for a fight. 
Crius Vitalis has one wish in his forsaken life - to undo the curse inflicted on him centuries ago by the very people he trusts the least. All it takes is one simple task, one little action. But finding the right person to help him is the hardest part. 
When their worlds collide, they find that despite the vast contrast between them, they aren't so different after all. Can opposites really attract? Or will the constant charge between them finally drive them apart before they can discover what fate has in store...
Available at: Amazon


About the Author: 
Max Henry is primarily a wife, and mother to two young boys. Life can be hectic and sometimes she may not be able to write as often as she would like, but she wouldn’t change a thing.
Max first enjoyed losing herself to a good book at a young age (thanks to her book loving mother), and even wrote her first short story as a teenager. But her love for writing wasn’t fully satisfied until she found the time to read again after the birth of her first son. As good as the titles were, she felt incomplete after each finished novel, dreaming of how she might have told a story with a similar plot.
So, she put fingers to keyboard and wrote. One year and quite a few unfinished starts later, Battle to Become was born - as was the start of Max Henry’s presence on the virtual shelf.
The second title in the otherworld Desires series, Methods for Mayhem, is due for release on February 9th. Max plans on completing and publishing the third title (Lessons for Love), and the fourth (yet to be named) by year end also.
When she’s not writing, Max can be found one of two places: at the gym brain-storming while she lifts weights, or out having a ball 4wd-ing with the family.

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