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SEBASTIAN & ARISTIDE by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright

Book Name: Sebastian and Aristide

Author's Name: Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Sebastian and Reny / 
Aristide and Katerine

Series: Bayou Heat # 7 and #8

Release Date: 11/11/13

Author's Websites: Laura Wright  Alexandra Ivy 

BLURB: Sebastian
Sebastian Duval has devoted his life to ensuring the survival of his people. He’ll do whatever is necessary to protect the Wildlands, even if it means working with the human FBI to prove the Pantera aren’t responsible for the sudden rash of puma attacks. But his honorable intentions have met their match when his liaison turns out to be a beautiful, mysterious woman who stirs his most primitive instincts. 

Reny Smith refuses to allow her amnesia to ruin her life. She’s created a new identity and is determined to become a successful FBI agent. Unfortunately, that means working with a Pantera diplomat to solve the latest assaults in New Orleans. Sebastian is not only a risk to the secrets she’s worked so hard to conceal, but also to her career. She’ll have to choose whether to run from the man who threatens to strip away her defenses, or listen to her heart and become the woman she was always meant to be.

Gorgeous Nurturer Aristide, is a rare male. He wants to be mated, wants love and a family. But only a Pantera female will do. The problem is, the one female Ari can’t resist is human, and when she’s captured by the Pantera and called their greatest enemy, Aristide must decide between the abiding want of his puma heart and the vow he’s made to his shifter species.
Reporter Katherine Burke lives for one thing. Her five-year-old son, Noah. She will do anything to protect him, including writing heinous lies about a group of puma shifters she doesn’t even believe exist. But when she’s captured by the Pantera, sees the amazing truth of who they are, and gains the love of an honorable male, she knows she must choose between more lies or trusting someone for the first time in her life.

Reviewed By: Wendy
My Rating: 4
When Sebastian is given a job of following a human FBI agent he never thought he would find his mate. Walking into the room and meeting Reny puts him on edge but he is there to get his work done. Yet having a little extra fun with this woman is not off the table as long as he gets his job done. Not knowing that Reny does not know she is Pantera he thinks she is trying to pull one over on him, plus the other Pantera. Reny is in town trying to prove that the killings are indeed due to animal attacks and not Pantera. Reny has amnesia and doesn't know anything about her past, what she does know is that she feels a strange pull towards Sebastian, something more than sexual. Once Reny and Sebastian chase down the Shakpi's minions and their lives are threatened, it doesn't take long for Reny to realize that she is meant to be with Sebastian in the Wetlands. 

Aristide knows he will mate with a Pantera female, he feels it in his bones. But when a human woman finds her way into his life all thoughts and reason leaves him. Protecting the Pantera is what he believes above all else so when Katherine's article hits close to home about the true lives of the Pantera, Aristide must find the truth and protect Katherine. Once Aristide learns that her ex has her son, he knows he will do whatever he can to get the child back and to prove that Katherine was being blackmailed into writing the article. Can Aristide change his views on having only a Pantera for a mate and can the other Panteras except having a human reporter living in the Wetlands?

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