Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WICKED WAVES by Sharon Kay

Book Name: Wicked Waves

Author's Name: Sharon Kay

Category: M/F

Main Characters: Kai & Brooke 

Series: A Solsti Prophecy Novel #2

Release Date: 01/21/14  

Author's Goodreads 

BLURBMaking daggers out of raindrops is only the tip of the iceberg for Brooke Bonham. As one of four women who can control the elements, her ability to manipulate water packs a deluge of potential. Eager to learn more, she’s frustrated at the precautions she must take to avoid the wrong kind of attention on Earth.
Kai's duties as a Lash demon have kept him busy on Earth for nearly two hundred years. Fighting? He was born to do it. Females? They're drawn to him. And Earth? The perfect place for him to avoid supernatural bounty hunters.
Though the two of them mix like oil and water, Kai senses that beneath Brooke’s frosty exterior hides a vortex of simmering passion. He’s determined to thaw his ice princess.
Forced to work together in the immortal realm, they track a rogue Lash demon at the helm of a widespread kidnapping operation. All too soon, Kai’s dark past catches up to them. Time runs out as a second enemy, bent on revenge, vows to stop at nothing short of Brooke’s enslavement and Kai’s death. As they and their foes stalk each other in a demonic game of cat-and-mouse, will her evolving skills and their fledgling bond be enough to save them?
Reviewed By: Wendy
My Rating: 4.5
This the second book by a great new-to-me author. Sharon Kay, builds a story with action, love, and characters that are awesome & witty while still making you feel all the fabulous feelings of being there with them. 
Kai and Brooke did not get off on the right foot with their first meeting. Kai being a party-boy Lash demon thought he could boss Brooke around without knowing who and what she is. Pushing his arrogant attitude on every woman he meets doesn't stop Kai from getting any woman he wants until he meets Brooke. Brooke's older sister is now mated to Gunnar, a Lash demon who works with Kai helping protect the Earth from all the demons from other realms. Kai & Brooke do not get along even though they are drawn to each other. Working together they have to travel via portal to the desert realm where Kai grew up which happens to be the only place that some berries grow, these berries are the only lifesaving measure they need to help fight against evil. Kai was imprisoned there and is the only demon to ever escape, so going back is extremely dangerous for him. Brooke and her sisters can control the elements, her's happens to be water. Going to a dry desert does not sound pleasant to her since she draws her strength from water. Together they fight evil, escape danger and fall into each other's arms. 

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