Friday, March 21, 2014

END OF DREAMS by Kim Faulks

Author's Name: Kim Faulks

Book Name: End of Dreams

Series Name: The Immortal Destiny #1

Category: F/M

Main Characters: Eve and Adley

Author's Website

Heat Level: Sweet

Release Date: 06/29/13

Blurb: A vicious killer hunts a young pregnant woman. He wants more than her blood--he wants her baby too. Young Eve dreams of being a good mother to her unborn son, that dream is shattered when child killer, Edric Hasting finds her in the middle of the night. Haunted by the images of black wings on her baby’s ultrasound and the killers last words Eve knows her only hope of survival is to run. She soon finds hard-bitten detective Adley Scott who dreams of justice for a tring of murdered children which hit too close to home.  A group of Immortals are drawn into Eve’s battle for survival as events are played out across the globe by two opposing factions of immortal beings. The fragile, divine balance of all things is at stake, and the world is the ultimate prize.
Against a background of universe-changing events and an ensemble of vivid, unforgettable characters, Eve and Adley will have to fight to survive as they begin to learn the truth of The Immortal Destiny.

Reviewed by LT
My Rating: 4

Eve, a young southern girl thought it would be exciting to go to the big city. Not even there a day, she is almost raped and then saved. Afterwards she wakes up in the morning with soreness between her legs and no solid memory of the guy who saved her. She soon learns she's pregnant. Broke and no where to go she starts to make a life for herself and her baby. Eve's to poor for any medical help, but somehow she knows she's having a son. While working and barely making it Eve finds herself in a fight for her life
against a serial killer that’s determined not to let her escape him this time.
When Adley was a cop his nephew was killed by the serial killer . He found the killer and was able to help put him in jail. Afraid no one could handle moving this killer named Edric to another prison, he takes the job. On the way they are attacked by something Adley refuses to believe is real, and the killer escapes. Left for dead Adley fights for his life so he can catch the killer again. But this time when he finds Edric he has changed into something more then human.

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