Friday, March 7, 2014

WRENCHING FATE by Brooklyn Ann

Book name: Wrenching Fate

Author's Name: Brooklyn Ann 

Main Characters: Akasha and Silas

Series: Brides of Prophecy

Author's Website

BLURB:   Silas McNaught, Lord Vampire of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is elated when he finds Akasha Hope, the woman his psychic visions revealed to him centuries ago.
To his surprise, Akasha is infuriated when Silas interferes with her life. Furthermore, she is nothing like the sweet woman he’d envisioned. Not only is she a foul mouthed mechanic, she is also the accidental result of a military experiment with the strength of ten men….and government agents are looking for her.
Matters are further complicated when Silas’s vindictive ex lover spurs the Elders to investigate Silas in hopes to destroy Akasha and gain control of her friends, which are the key to an otherworldly prophecy. As government conspiracies and vampire politics collide, Silas teaches Akasha the meaning of trust…and love.
 Shonna's Review: His visions did not reveal the true meaning behind finding the woman he has now marked. Haunting him for so long, Silas only wants to protect and care for Akasha now that he has found her. Without fully understanding why, he is now commanded by one of the vampire elders, Delgarias, to surround Akasha’s circle of friends with his protection also. 
Knowing but not possessing the knowledge as to why she is different, Akasha has not had an easy life. Trusting the man that now extends a hand of willingness to give her his everything, including his heart, may be asking to much. Yet with time she endeavors to learn more about her handsome guardian that she now lives with and along the way learns Silas harbors many dark secrets of his own. 
Containing vampires, angels, and Mephistopheles, are just a few of the yummy treats you find in this book. Add other worlds, magic, and an ancient prophecy with a twist, and you have a fascinating tale created by Brooklyn Ann. This is the first time I have read this author and feel she has a gift that will bring forth many enjoyable reads to come.  Her writing flows and the pacing is good.  The heroine and her friends have some unusual traits to them that you don’t find in a lot of stories giving it a different feel. In the end a lot of questions are answered, yet another list are formed as to where the next installment of this series, BRIDES OF PROPHECY will take you. 

*On a personal note* Again I want to repeat that I did think the book was good but in giving an honest review here, there was one thing that I really didn’t care for. Some of the prominent characters in the story were smokers and drinkers. Now while I have nothing at all against this, (believe me I have a drink or two every evening) I felt it was brought up to many times throughout the book. Understanding that this was part of the character’s personality the author wanted to share was fine. Yet it was repeated over and over and in the end I felt like to many words in the story were dedicated to lighting up and popping open another can of beer when they could have been put to better use, giving the characters an even better depth to them. Still, it has a good plot and the author's talent makes me curiously interested in what she has planned in store next.
My rating: 3.5

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