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Passion, Power and Privilege
Author: Cara Addison
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
When her tumultuous marriage ends suddenly, Katharine "Kate" Callahan is forced to decide if she should return to her job as a corporate lawyer, or proceed with the campaign to become the Mayor of the City of Lowden.
Difficult decisions become a lot easier when Kate meets Brad Taylor, a handsome and successful business owner. Brad’s attraction to Kate is instant, and life finally starts falling into place as Kate realizes that the right man can bring out a passion that she had forgotten existed. 
Can Kate and Brad overcome their stormy and complicated pasts to find each other, love each other, and use their power and privilege to change the city they call home?
Excerpt:  The crowd was buzzing with anticipation. Kate slipped quietly into a private room off the main hall, taking a moment to mentally review two possible speeches, one in the event of a victory and the other in the event of defeat. Her father joined her a few moments later. “I thought I might find you here.” His grin was contagious, and she realized that this was the happiest that she had seen him in months. “I’m so proud of you, Kate. You’re an amazing woman and I’m so exceptionally honored to be your father.”
“I’m scared, Dad.”

He studied her face. “Why, Katherine?”

“It isn’t just about winning or losing, Dad. I just don’t want to fail. I don’t want to let people down…the campaign supporters…the volunteers…donors…the residents of this city…”

“Oh, Kate,” he whispered, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “You’ve run an exceptional campaign. You have so much to be proud of.” He kissed her cheek and smiled. “You’re too driven and competitive for your own good, you know.”

They heard a loud cheer from the hall. “We better get out there,” he murmured as he hugged her. “We wouldn’t want to miss the big moment.” They walked back into the main hall, arm in arm in time to see the results from the ninth ward posted on the screen. Camera lights flicked on around the room as reporters delivered live reaction to the twenty percent gap between the two candidates. Finding Dan and Stan standing in the middle of the room, Kate winked at Stan as he held up the small slip of paper containing the advanced polling information he had shown her earlier in the day.

She overheard one member of the press report that there had been a record turnout of voters for this election. She wondered for a brief moment how Jim Freeman was feeling at this exact moment. Seconds later, the final results flickered onto the screen, and the auditorium went wild. It was a victory! Her senses were overwhelmed and the campaign transitioned into a rock concert as “I’ve Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas blasted over the sound system, laser lights flickered, supporters offered hugs and high fives while confetti fell from the ceiling. This was the moment!

It was dizzying having so many supporters gathered around. In the buzz of activity, the boyish grin and stunning blue eyes of Mr. Taylor caught her attention. Through the crowd, he lifted a glass of champagne to toast the victory. Champagne began to flow throughout the hall, a glass having been placed in her hand by a volunteer. Holding his gaze, she raised her glass in response, flashed a satisfying grin, and then took a perfectly delicious sip.

Author Bio:  I consider myself to be an accidental author. That’s right, becoming a published author happened, by chance.For years, I’ve worked in the corporate world. Essentially, I’m a problem solver for corporations and government. So, you can imagine how much of a shift it was for me to sit down and write.During the summer of 2013, I put pen to paper. I let my sexy imagination loose and before I knew it I’d filled a more than a few pages. The characters came to life and the story began to take shape.I’m blessed with incredible friends who were willing to read as I wrote. They offered insight and suggestions, but most importantly they offered unconditional support and encouragement to keep writing.
And so began, the greatest chapter of my life. 
My first manuscript took just over a month to write. With just over 64,000 words, I’d taken the main characters, Kate Callahan and Bradley Taylor on a journey. I had my friends read Passion, Power, and Privilege and then made several edits in response to their suggestions. In October of 2013, I sent my little baby off to a select group of publishers. And waited.
I was hooked. While I waited, I started writing another novel. An entirely new set of characters, a new setting, and a new plot began to take shape. By the end of October, I’d put the finishing touches on Going the Distance, the story of Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner.
Writing has been cathartic. Becoming published has been exhilarating.
This journey isn’t over. I continue to write, as time permits. A third manuscript is in the works.                                                                                       

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