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Valerie Twombly's FATAL DESIRE Blog Tour and Giveaway

Guest Post
Valerie Twombly

Today I thought it would be fun to talk about the Guardians themselves and give you a brief highlight into each one.
The Guardians were created by a god named Zarek to watch over humanity. He brought together light as the protector and dark as the warrior. Here’s the twist, they are vampires. They eat food same as we do, however they must drink blood to gain their strength. You may ask why Zarek created them to drink from the very people they protect. He is a god and as we know they have always required a blood sacrifice. Don't worry the experience is very pleasurable to the donor, but then their memory of it is erased.
Immortal, they can only be killed by removal of their head. They are telepathic among their kind and have the ability to flash (transport from one place to another with only a thought). They do have a weakness. Silver bands will take away all their powers making them almost human.
Marcus - Is a healer. Even though they can heal themselves, there are times when he is needed. He also performs a great service to the Chosen. Humans who know about them and aid them in our world.
Gwen – Marcus’s sister is a soothsayer. She can often see the future, but is still learning her gift. Of course like any special gift it only works when it wants and not when you really need it.
Lucan – Dark and mysterious, this Guardian controls the shadows. He has an intimate connection to the darkness and can bend a shadow to his will.
Seth – He sees the memories of those he drinks from, like a vivid picture show. Guardians can take memories from many humans. However, they are limited and when important information is needed they rely on Seth.
Garin – This immortal can wield fire. Not like a dragon, but he can make fire with his bare hands and toss it like a fire bomb.
Aidyn – Our king. This sexy vampire is the only one who can convert a human who is not a mate. His special gift is control of the elements. Wind, lightening, mother earth. He is very powerful, but young so often has a hard time with control.
Cassie – Former human, now mate to Marcus. In her human life she was a nurse and was gifted with the ability to heal as a Guardian. However, she has one special power not even her mate has. Want to know? It’s revealed in Fatal Desire.
I hope you enjoyed this small peek at the Guardians and will venture into their world. After all, they are here to protect you.

Guardians, #1
Print Length: 272 pages
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: October 18, 2013

A woman he cannot have, a man who is only a dream. 
When guardian Marcus Dagotto, discovers the Gods have gifted him with a mate, he is raging mad. He has no room for love and even less for a human who has no idea he exists. 
Cassandra Jensen, has a shattered heart and has given up on men. Only one man can set her body on fire, but he is a fantasy that haunts her sleep. 
Two worlds, one desire. 
When the two collide, fate will rip them apart and test their resolve. Will darkness and evil prevail? Or, will love conquer all?  

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Guardians,  #2
Print Length: 250 pages
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Publication Date:  March 26, 2014

Caleb is dark, hot, and commanding in human form. As a dragon, he’s a force to be reckoned with. When he witnesses the slave Lileta being beaten by his Overlord Odage, he nearly comes unglued. Without understanding why, he asks to take the slave as his own, but soon realizes his longing is more than an attraction to a beautiful woman. In a sick twist of fate, the gods have given him a demon as his mate—one he can never touch unless he wishes his own death. His only choice is to grant her freedom. 
Lileta wanted to kill Caleb, but when she is freed by this tempting male, her anger turns to a desire that can only prove fatal. Even if she could claim him as her own, her dark past makes her unworthy of his love. 
When their paths continue to intertwine, spiraling them to the brink of passion, can they resist the yearnings burning within them, or will they submit to their fatal desire?
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About the Author:
As a child, Valerie would often get into trouble for peeking at her mother’s favorite TV show, Dark Shadows. She can still hear her mother saying “It will give you nightmares.” She was right of course, but that did not stop Valerie from watching. As an adult, her love of the fanged creatures never waned. She
would watch any vampire movie she could find. 
Being a true romantic, Valerie was thrilled when she discovered the genre of paranormal romance. Her first read was one of Lara Adrian’s, Midnight Breed Series and from there she was hooked. 
Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side and put it to paper. When she is not busy creating a world full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she juggles her time between a full-time job, hubby and her two German shepherd dogs, in Northern IL.
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  1. I already had both of these on my to-read list! I'm so excited for both of them - but especially Eternal Flame!! :)