Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Arrow to the Soul by Lea Griffith

Book Name: Arrow to the Soul

Author's Name: Lea Griffith

Main Characters: Arrow and Adam

Series: No Mercy

Release Date: February 5, 2014

Author's Website: http://wwwk.leagriffith.com/

Synopsis:  She walks in the darkness—it is all she has ever known. 
Arrow walks with death. It is bitter and black, and covers every step she takes. Trained from the crib to be nothing more than a death-bringer she knows she was born without a soul. The darkness is where she’s comfortable and she carries the weight of her duty notched on bow—ready to fly straight and true in to her enemy’s hearts.
He has known love and loss—and then he finds her in the darkness.
Adam knows his calling. Protect and serve. As a member of Trident Corporation he has found the perfect place to meet his obligations. Then he sees a woman with eyes of amber and he is taken under by her darkness. He touches her heart and knows he has no choice—share his light with a killer or lose his soul to her.
Darkness and light. Two sides of one coin. Retribution draws them together but before all is said and done they will learn love can either break you or make you stronger.

Shonna's review:  Born in the Tamba Highlands of Kyoto, Japan, she was believed to be given devil eyes of gold at birth. Marking her as a descendant of Benkei, she carried three names. Rena Kurosawa, meaning born of the black swamp, Saya, translating into, the swift arrow, and by The Collective and her sisters she answered to Arrow, the assassin. A killer of many, it was believed she was filled with death and pain instead of a mortal soul. She describes herself as,

“A killer born in darkness, never to know the light. The shadow I cast blends into the black because light doesn’t touch one such as me. It skirts around me, avoiding me at all cost, because I am a light-eater... a death-bringer. I don’t bring the light. I destroy it.”

Adam Collins, a past soldier of Afghanistan, now a part of the Trident Corporation, stands firm with his friends to alleviate The Collective and the evil it spreads through the world. Being of strong Sioux heritage, his dark eyes were gifted with the ability to search in the dark and guide his way. Leaving his heart behind with the woman given in marriage to another man seven years ago, Adam vowed without success to return for her one day. But now things have shifted and he hates that it is the beautiful ebony-haired Asian that fills his thoughts and his soul.

Lea Griffith’s writing makes me think of an elegant dancer. As each step of the dancer sways to a song, each word on the page flows with impeccable grace and detailed meaning. I love the passion, light and/or dark, that is cascaded into every scene and each individual character. The rich plot is a testament to the intense talent and abilities that  Ms. Griffith possesses, giving her fans an exquisite tale that grips you and doesn’t let go.

A favorite quote:

“I do not believe in God or your Great Spirit, but should I meet Him in the afterlife, I’ll thank Him. Because He placed you in my path, I’ll bend to my knees and thank Him,” she said solemnly. He inhaled sharply and then grabbed her chin, angling her head up so his lips could take hers.

The No Mercy series, starting with Bullet to the Heart, is a fantastic series. Now, with Arrow to the Soul following in step as an incredible second installment, I can not wait to read #3. All I have to say is I hope she write fast because I am busting to get my hands on it!
My rating: 5

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