Friday, May 9, 2014

JARED by Teresa Gabelman

Book Name: Jared 

Author's Name: Teresa Gabelman 

Category: Paranormal romance

Main Characters: Jared and Tessa 

Series: The Protectors

Author's Website:

BLURB: The VC Warriors are an elite group of vampire who protect innocents, whether human or those of their own race. Jared Kincaid, along with other Warriors, are shocked when a fiery red head with a gun and attitude, bring news of young teens being turned into an army of half-breed vampires capable of taking out all VC Warriors.
Breaking into the famed VC Warriors compound was definitely not the smartest thing Tessa Pride has ever done, but she will do anything for her brother, Adam. The Warriors held the one person she knew was responsible for her brother being turned into a half-breed and nothing will stop her from getting what she needs to help her brother, not even a Warrior whose eyes could make her melt with one look.
Jared and Tessa join forces in a desperate scramble to find who is responsible. With a war between Warriors and half-breeds brewing, suspicions of traitors in their midst put the lives of everyone involved on the line.

Shonna's review:  A spunky attitude and a determination to help her brother cause Tessa Pride to storm the compound of the Warriors to get the answers she needs from a prisoner they have. With green eyes, red hair, and a bit of a temper to boot, she possesses a strong stubborn character with grit, yet carries a heart of gold that finds it hard to trust anyone but her brother and grandfather because of the past.
Overtaken and put in chains in his own interrogation room by a woman in sunglasses and a baseball cap, the lingering smell of honeysuckle is something he can’t forget. Alone for a thousand years, Jared Kincaid knows once he finds her, he can never let her go. Even if it turns out she isn't his mate by vampire standards.
While I did (very much) enjoy the first book of THE PROTECTOR series, I did enjoy this second installment even more.
The paranormal world the author has created contributes to a really unique story and the warriors, are super alpha sexy hot HOT (fanning myself here) yummy males.  
I visualize Teresa Gabelman standing with both arms outstretched in the center of this book. Her left hand is pulling on some of the first installment of this series to bring a continuing part of it into this book while also reaching to the right, to the third story giving us a part of what is to come. Very well developed, the intertwining of the stories is a smooth continual flow that never loses your attention. So I recommend starting with the first one, DAMON, before moving on to book two. As good as it is, it won’t take you long to get to JARED, and let me tell you, I am extremely excited to read on with book three, DUNCAN.

My rating: 4.5

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