Friday, May 16, 2014

Queen of Swords by Nina Mason

Book Name: Queen of Swords

Author's Name: Nina Mason
Category: Paranormal Romance
Main Characters:  Cat and Graham

Release Date: March 22, 2014
Author's Website:

BLURB: When Graham Logan, a Scottish nobleman turned immortal blood-drinker, draws the Queen of Swords, he knows he’s about to meet the love of his life—for the third time. But surrendering his heart will mean risking her life or making her what he is, two things his beliefs won’t allow him to do. Graham, who walks a tightrope of regret and sacrifice, rages at God: Why give her back only to take her again?
Cat Fingal, the latest incarnation of Graham’s soul mate, won’t let him slip away so easily. A white witch, she casts a spell to summon him—for answers and to deflower her—making refusal impossible.
Graham is convinced she comes back every hundred years to punish him for abandoning her and his unborn heir on the eve of their wedding back in 1815. Cat believes she returns to free his soul by forcing him to reevaluate the beliefs that keep him stuck and miserable. Before he can defeat his demons, both internal and external, Graham must put his faith in the power of love.

Shonna's review:  This is a unique love story full of sadness that despite the hands of time, stands strong. This time though, Graham is determined to not have the same outcome for his one true soul mate that has returned to him for a third time through the centuries. Twice before he has gone through the tragedy of loosing her, and will not allow a third. Driven with all his heart to stay away it is the hardest thing he has ever done. But Cat doesn’t make it easy for him since she in return, is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Now she must convince him to give them one more chance and find the answers they need to save her, to save them, before he runs and all is lost. 
I’m really glad I got to read this. I enjoyed the way Nina wrote and created her story. While there is some sadness, there were several times she had me laughing out loud as well. Vampires, fae, witches, magic, danger, smokin’ sex, and an ending that will have you holding your breath with anticipation are guaranteed when you read this. 
My rating: 4

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