Monday, June 30, 2014

Wolver's Gold by Jacqueline Rhoades

 Book Name:  Wolver's Gold

Author's Name: Jacqueline Rhoades

Category: M/F (Paranormal Romance)

Main Characters: Challenger and Rachel

Series: The Wolvers #5

Release Date: May 20, 2014

Author's Website   AMAZON 

BLURB: Finding gold where you least expect it...
Lone wolf and Special Investigator for the ubiquitous Eugene Begley, Challenger McCall is sent to the town of Gold Gulch to take care of a problem that might involve the exposure of the wolver community. For McCall, it’s like stepping back in time - a hundred and fifty years back in time.
Gold Gulch is a tourist attraction where the wolvers take their work so seriously, they continue their Victorian lives long after the tourists have gone home. Much like their 19th century counterparts, the women are overworked and underpaid.
Rachel Kincaid is one such woman. Exercising the only power she holds, she has become a wolver oddity; a spinster who refuses to mate. Why would she, when she already has to take care of the short-staffed hotel, its restaurant and her ne’er-do-well father? Angry and bitter, Rachel decides she deserves a better hand than the one she’s been dealt and finds herself drawn to the handsome new sheriff, Challenger McCall. Why shouldn’t she, for once in her life, enjoy the same freedom as the Soiled Doves on the hill?
Things get complicated when Rachel's wolf awakens after a long sleep and the town's women seem to awaken along with it. Papa's gambling debts leave them on the brink; the pack is at risk; and the women rebel. Oh, and don't forget the murders. If ever a pack needed rescuing, Gold Gulch is it, but as the girls up at Daisy's Bouquet point out, - A smart woman needs to look after herself

Reviewed By Wendy
My Rating: 4
Going to the town of Gold Gulch to investigate the mysterious death of the sheriff, Challenger McCall finds more than he expected. Gold Gulch is a tourist town made up of all wolvers, humans that can shift into wolves. All residents live 24/7 in the Victorian time period as they run the town and local businesses. Rachel runs the hotel that is owned by her father, who unfortunately would rather gamble and drink instead of help with the day to day business. 
Wolvers mate for life and it doesn't take long before McCall's wolver half takes notice of Rachel, who has decided she doesn't ever want to mate. Thinking she is happy being the only town spinster, her whole world turns upside down when her wolver wakes back up after 15 years of being asleep. 
Working together to find out who is killing local wolvers plus changing the way the town sees women, Rachel and McCall continue to fall for each other both knowing it will not last, or will it? 

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