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Blood Redemption by Tessa Dawn

Book Name: Blood Redemption

Author: Tessa Dawn

Series: Blood Curse Series Book 5

Release Date: October 28, 2013

Main Character's: Vanya & Saber?

Category: M/F

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Blurb: Some souls are forged in fire. 

Some hearts are packed in ice.
Some elements were never meant to be combined…
BLOOD REDEMPTION ~ a journey of elemental darkness and primordial light.

Saber Alexiares is no ordinary vampire. He is like a cruel, fire-breathing dragon. Reared in the bowels of the colony by Dark Ones, he has no conscience, no compassion, and no saving grace. Captured by the enemy, he is sentenced to execution by sunlight only to discover that his body will not burn — he isn’t who he thought he was. He was stolen at birth. He was reared by the wrong house. And the sunlight isn’t going to kill him because he does have a soul.

Vanya Demir is the very heart of goodness and light, an ancient female from a magical race, the progeny of humans and celestial deities before they were cursed by the Blood. With her deep-rooted sense of duty; naïve upbringing; and tragic, personal history, she has unknowingly packed her heart in ice and dedicated her life to the service of the Vampyr. She is wholly unprepared to face a fire-breathing dragon.

When their paths converge beneath a Serpens Blood Moon, they will each have thirty days to reconcile the irreconcilable, to confront the primordial darkness that threatens to destroy them both. Can a being lost in darkness for eight-hundred years ever find its way to the light? Can a heart that’s been buried for as long as it can remember risk the ultimate in betrayal and damnation simply for the hope of BLOOD REDEMPTION?

Reviewed by LT

My Rating: 4.5
Vanya is one of the two original females from the massacre over 2000 years ago. Her two brother were fighting to the death. One brother of the Light Jadon wanted to save her by putting her to sleep until the present day. The other brother, Dark Jaeger, wanted every single female dead. She was luckily awaken by her sister's mate and pulled from the earth where they slept. Sadly she always felt like the third wheel, so she moved back to her homeland to help her people's descendants. Only to be called home by her blood moon switch, meaning she finally belonged to someone, and was someone destiny.
Saber is Dark,.. so he thought for 800 years. Until he was caught and was to die by the sun, only to realize he wasn't born to the dark lords like he was raised to believe. He was the missing child of the Light. But after years of evil can he really find the soul he never knew he had? In time to claim his Destiny?
Destiny are human females that can carry the children of the Light and will continue to live once then are converted to Vampires. Unlike the dark who don't need a destiny to have children, yet must be careful because the children will kill the mother during the birth. Never being raised in the Light, will Saber know which way to handle his Blood moon?

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