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Blood Vengeance by Teresa Keefer

Book Name: Blood Vengeance

Author's Name: Teresa Keefer

Category: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Vincent and Abigail

Release Date: 07/21/13

Author's Website

BLURB: The heroine, Abigail Cooper, has a gift. She discovered that she has the gift of mediumship, inherited from her grandmother who visits her from the 'other side'. When her teenaged sister-Reilly-goes missing with a suspected cult leader, Abigail uses her sixth sense which leads her to steamy, mysterious, modern day New Orleans.
Abigail herself is met with some danger when she is attacked by a serial rapist/murderer but is rescued by a tall, dark and mysterious man and returned to her hotel room unharmed but missing most of her memory of the attack and the events that followed. However, with help from the other side, she soon comes to understand why.
Her rescuer was none other than the wealthy, attractive, seductive and centuries old vampire by the name of Vincent Adcock. Vincent and his group of fellow vampires have been ridding the south of criminal predators in their own way for many years as a means to feed as well as a means to seek solace from what they are.
Knowing the danger of entering the vampire's lair, Abigail follows him home from a club one night and puts herself at his and his colleagues' mercy to ask for their help in locating and rescuing her sister. This comes with a price as she becomes a prisoner in his home.
The tale takes Abigail into a world of vampires, the supernatural, drugs, prostitution, and murder as the group searches for the errant teen. But will they be able to rescue Reilly before the psychotic cult leader uses her for his bizarre ritual in which he hopes to conquer mankind? Will Abigail be able to resist the sexual magnetism of Vincent or will she find herself caught up in an attraction that could result in losing her heart and soul to a creature that is doomed to walk the earth for all of eternity?

Reviewed By: Wendy
My Rating: 3.5-4

A good vampire who thinks he is nothing more than a soulless man that no one could possibly love and a human woman with a special gift that she does not think she can rely on come together in a supernatural love story. Abigail's younger sister goes missing and now Abigail will do anything to find her, even using her gift as a medium to track her down. Ending up in New Orleans, Abigail is attacked and almost raped by an evil man, but Vincent comes to her rescue. Vincent is a wealthy vampire who lives in New Orleans working with other good vampires to clean up the streets. Having Abigail in his arms and protecting her is something that feels good to Vincent and he wants more. Helping her find her sister sets him on the right track to get her back in his arms but his fellow vampires don't want to help her. They would rather kill her and be done with it all. He agrees to help but with conditions, the main one being that she move into his penthouse with him while they search for her sister. Knowing she needs his help she moves in with him becoming his prisoner and at the mercy of his vampire friends while they decide the fate of not only Abigail but her sister Reilly too.   

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