Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wicked Flames by Sharon Kay

Book Name: Wicked Flames

Author's Name: Sharon Kay

Category: M/F - Paranormal Romance  

Main Characters: Mathias and Gin

Series: A Solsti Prophecy #3

Release Date: July 2014
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BLURB: Gin Bonham lives with a dark secret. Born with an ability she never wanted, she builds her life around science and logic, running from the terror she is capable of causing. When sexy stranger Mathias spots her on a dance floor and cuts in, he leads Gin in a sensual rhythm that continues long after the music stops. But Mathias hides the fact that he knows exactly what she can do: in the deepest recesses of her mind lurks the power to manipulate fire. Destiny is coming for her and it doesn’t care if she’s ready or not.
Mathias possesses tracking and espionage skills so extraordinary that his fellow Lash demons call him The Hunter. Pursue and interrogate. He never fails. When he is tasked with coaxing Gin to work with the Lash demons against a common enemy, he relishes the challenge. But meeting her awakens a new, primal drive that pulls him toward her even as his tactics break her heart.
Failing to win Gin’s cooperation is not an option. But she is determined to flee, putting thousands of miles between her and any other supernatural creatures, including Mathias. Can she cool the charred embers of her emotions enough to forgive Mathias and embrace what she was meant to become? Or will her ability explode into something more than she can control?

Reviewed by Wendy
My Rating: 4.5
Three sisters born with powers. One can control water, one can control air and the other sister can control fire. Gin, the youngest controls fire, but wants nothing to do with her power due to an accident from when she was young. Her older sisters have embraced their powers. They use them to fight an unknown evil that is trying to destroy Earth and Torth, the realm where the demons live. 
Teaching and going to college is what Gin wants, a normal life with a normal job helping people. 
Mathias, a Lash demon, is sent to watch and help protect Gin, but one look at her on the dance floor and he is a goner. 
When danger gets too close, Mathias will do anything to save Gin, including lying to protect her. 
I really enjoy this series and can't wait for the fourth book. I can say I teared up twice during this book, to think you've lost everything and then to have three special women show up in your life.  

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