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Skye Eagleday's ASH: BEFORE THE DAWN with Guest Post and Giveaway

Guest Post by Skye Eagleday 
Ash: Before Dawn

I’m delighted to be in two boxed sets that have recently gone live and are not only doing very well, but my work features—Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies. How appropriate, huh? The first is Highland Shifters and my contribution—“Roots & Fangs” has three primary characters. One is a Scottish-American who travels to Scotland to trace the steps his grandfather took in leaving the old country. But one of the opening scenes is between an Irish Pooka (the ultimate shape-shifter who moonlights (pun) as a werewolf), and a Scottish Fae. It’s later revealed our American Hero’s grandfather was actually trying to flee the Fair Folk of the Scottish Highlands after one of them took him as her lover. Will history repeat itself across the generations?

But I have a special place in my heart for “Ash: Before Dawn” Ash is in the boxed set Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance. When I first started writing paranormal romance, I expected most of my works would feature vampires, but to my surprise, werewolves and other shifters took center stage. However, just like my Scottish-American Hero in “Roots & Fangs,” I haven’t forgotten my own roots. I’m American Indian and feel there really haven’t been enough Native Americans Vampires. True Blood featured one named Longshadow in their first season, and Laurel K. Hamilton wrote about an ancient Aztec female vampire named Itzpapalotl. Unfortunately, both of these vampires fulfill the stereotype of Native people as “the enemy.” Mine fed his thirst at the Battle of Little Big Horn. But since that time he’s tried to keep a balance in taking only as much blood as he needs and hasn’t killed a human in over a century.

Ash’s full name is Ashutosh, which is a Cheyenne name that means “Fulfillment of Desire.” His parents had had three daughters before he was born and were hoping for a son. The seductive Ash has tried to live up to his name for the last one hundred and fifty years. I think one of the things that strikes me as different about Ash is his concern for doing the right thing. He tends to overthink his relationships but when he feels a loved one is in danger he becomes more of an action hero.

Many years ago when I first started publishing professionally I used to present at a number of Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions. But when I started to lose my sight I stopped traveling because I was no longer able to see the display screens at the airport. I’ve now had seven major eye surgeries and this spring I dipped my toe into the Cons and presented at a local Comic-Con. I survived that one and I look forward to being on panels at Bent-Con in Southern California this November. One of my favorite things is meeting my readers. And I promise—more vampires are on their way.

Blurb for Ash: Before Dawn 

Ash drank deeply of the blood of his enemies at Custer’s Last Stand. Now the beautiful Native American Vampire hunts in the gay bars of Seattle, where he will face an ancient Vampire far more deadly than the troops at Little Big Horn. Will he and his new human lover be able to use his powers of seduction and warrior skills to survive until dawn? (A scorching hot erotic romance only for those 18 or older, which features graphically explicit Vampire Threesome Sex and much, much more. This edition combines an earlier version of Ash’s story along with that of the newly turned vampire, Vivian who finds a human lover of her own.)

Amazon Short Bio:
NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author and winner of the 2014 BP Readers Choice Award for Short Stories and Collections--Skye Eagleday is best known for spicy paranormal romance as well as steamy BBW romances. "I was born during the Long Days Moon, right after the Moon of the Singing Frogs. I am Native American and I was taught to be a traditional Storyteller, but I have always enjoyed also working with non-Traditional stories. I was taught that sometimes a Story can be so powerful, it begins to tell YOU."

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