Monday, October 20, 2014

A Pirate's Revenge by M.L. Guida

Book Name: A Pirate's Revenge
Author's Name: M.L. Guida

Category: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: William and Mariah
Series: Legends of the Soaring Phoenix #2

Release Date: July 12, 2014
BLURB: Cursed by a demon, William O’Brien changes into a dragon with mystical powers he can’t control. In dragon form he becomes a ravenous beast with the power to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix. He’s forced to make a decision: leave the ship or face killing the crew. But before he can go, he discovers a new menace hunts him. The God of the Underworld has released a female demon, more deadly and evil than before, with orders to capture William and combine his powers with a male witch in order to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix. Mariah Fey, a talented witch, wants only to save her brother from the bowels of the evil pirate ship, the Fiery Damsel. If William will trust her, she can teach him how to harvest his gifts, control his abilities, and together their true love can defeat their enemies.

Reviewed By: Wendy
My Rating: 4.5
The Soaring Phoenix and her crew are fighting another battle with the evil vampire pirates who want nothing but to get Hannah and her father to deliver them to the God of the Underworld. Hannah is Captain Kane O'Brien's girlfriend and everyone wants to protect her. While fighting the evil vampire pirates, William, Kane's younger brother, is taken and cursed with a spell that will turn him into a dragon. While the Soaring Phoenix is docked William turns into a dragon for the first time. Wounded by townspeople, William in dragon form takes off to a hidden cave high in the mountains. 
Mariah Fey, is a witch who finds William and helps heal him from an arrow wound. William has a deep mistrust of all witches and he doesn't believe she can help any of them. Mariah needs William to take her with him so she can save her brother who is being held prisoner on the Fiery Damsel. Saving him before he turns into a warlock is the only thing she wants until she and William start spending more time together.  
Their love for each other is the only thing that can save them all, will either be able to fight all the odds against them or will destiny win in the end?

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