Friday, October 3, 2014

His Kind of Perfect by Kinsley Gibb- Review & Giveaway

Book Name: His Kind of Perfect
Author's Name: Kinsley Gibb

Category: M/F- Contemporary
Main Characters: Anabelle & Derek

Series: A Sugar Bay Novel #1 

Release Date: August 6, 2014

BLURB: Perfection is hard work and after a lifetime in its pursuit, what does Anabelle Broussard have for her troubles? Nothing but being single, stressed and sexually frustrated.
According to her mother, Derek Wheaton, Anabelle's sexy vendor, won't do at all as a suitor because he's too young, too hot and entirely too inappropriate. Between Anabelle's matchmaking mother, her best friend and a stint on Cupid's, Anabelle's man drought has finally come to an end. But with three possibilities, what's a good girl to do?
Ever since he moved to Sugar Bay, Derek has been in lust with Anabelle. For a year, he's watched her focused drive for perfection and heeded her "hands off" vibe, but now the vibe has changed to a "heck yeah" green light.
But will she let him in long enough for him to convince her she is his kind of perfect?

Reviewed By: Wendy
My Rating: 3.5
Anabelle is an almost forty year old, divorced woman who owns her own business in Sugar Bay, FL. Being in a small town, lives like hers are what the town gossips love. She married right out of graduate school only to divorce years later when her husband came out of the closet. Anabelle has never had wild, dirty sex with a man but she has definitely had fantasies about doing it with Derek, a hot young furniture builder that she works with. Anabelle has two problems now, her mother is trying to set her up on blind dates and Derek is younger than her. The first one she can deal with but she has a major hang up on the second one. Can she get past her hang ups, her interfering Mother and only worry about what she wants?
I'm not saying this was a bad story with my rating, but I am adding my own personal opinion in with the rating and I will explain why. Her whole hang up on his age, I didn't get it because he was only maybe four years younger than her. To be honest I don't even know if his actual age was ever told in the book, I know at one point she guessed his round about age.  Then Anabelle and Derek talked about a time frame on the sex tutoring and he says one month is not long enough, she never said a month so I am not sure where that came from. What I did like was how determined he was to prove to her that he loved her, for her and not her age. 
I did enjoy the building of the love relationship between the two main characters plus the eye opening the mother finally had about how she treated her daughter most of her life.

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