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Skye Eagleday- Thirst/Hunger/Crave Guest Post

Skye Eagleday 

I am so lucky to be back with VWFOM! And I have some very exciting news. The last time I had a chance to visit my “Ash: Before Dawn” had just appeared in Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance. Now what would you think if I told you can find twice as many vampires? How about three times the number? Crazy, huh? But remember three times the charm, or in this case the sexy fang. I’m very blessed to have a lot of extremely talented friends, most of whom are also NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Authors.

I was in the first set—Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance. Bur right on its heels comes Thirst’s sibling—Hunger: Tales of Vampire Romance. And right before you can catch your breath—here comes Fangs: Tales of Vampire Romance.

One of the things that excites me is how all these stories are about vampires but they’re represent a wild diversity—different times and different places, and different explorations of the Vampire mythology. But a connecting theme is one of sensual sexuality. These vampires are not for the faint of heart.

And—if you’d like to meet me in person, I’ll be presenting at the November 2014 Bent-Con in Southern California. Among other duties I’ll be moderating the panel on The Modern Vampire, since I seem to have some experience in the field.
For now, let me concentrate on Thirst:

Are you THIRSTING for the unusual? Try thousand-year-old vampires, Latin and French vamps, vampire Earls, sexy Native American vampires and even berserker vampires! This bundle will slake your THIRST for otherworldly, hot and sexy, unique vampire stories.

EIGHT creative and original stories that prove, one little seductive bite doesn't hurt.

Vampire Berserker by Carl East: A vampire that needs to feed on other vampires in order to survive.

The Vampire and the Rose by Yvonne Anthony: Rose's mother has often warned her to stay away from dark places--especially at night, but curious Rose will ignore the warnings, jumping headlong into danger with startling consequences.

Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle: Savannah is thrilled for her residency at an art colony where she meets the sculptor Antoine. She discovers his dark secret, putting her life in jeopardy.

Vampire Lords of Blacknall by Shirl Anders: Only a creature of the night can save her. Lady Beth never stays home in the evenings. She fears her evil stepbrother. Then a monster stalks her in the dark and she cannot tell beast from savior.

The Vixen Torn by J.E. & M. Keep: Anjasa has been through the worst parts of hell and come back from it wounded but stronger. A trained assassin and courtesan, she's seen the worst in others... and herself.

When Comes the Night by Anita Dobs: Trying to leave a troubled past far behind, Stacy escapes to England, but gets more than she bargained for when she meets Rafe Hawkins, the mysterious C.E.O at the renowned Sirius Advertising Agency.

Ash: Before Dawn by Skye Eagleday: Ash drank deeply of the blood of his enemies at Custer's Last Stand. Now the beautiful Native American Vampire hunts in the gay bars of Seattle, where he will face an ancient Vampire far more deadly than the troops at Little Big Horn. Will he and his new human lover be able to use his powers of seduction and warrior skills to survive until dawn?

Love Blind by Claudia D. Christian: 1978. Rio de Janeiro. Josephine made a desperate bargain with a vampire named Julio Alberto. Her life for another. Kept in a gilded cage, will she ever allow herself to truly love her charming captor?

I look forward to my other friends to give you more details on the next two sets in this series, after Thirst.

I also wanted to mention as an American Indian traditional Storyteller I’m always fascinated over how different cultures can play with the same ideas, but give their own spirit to the interpretation. For example with my Native relatives in the Pacific NW, we don’t really have beings similar to European vampires. But there is a story of the one we call Wa-Wai-Yai. His name translates as Mosquito Spirit. He was a terrible monster with a nose like a spear. He’s stuck you with his nose and suck you dry. In some of the more northern communities it said he could sneak up behind you and suck down your brain without other around you knowing what happened. A baby was being passed around in a circle and the Mosquito Spirit was able to suck the brain of the infant so when the child was passed to the next person it was brainless and dead. At the end of these stories, Wa-Wa-Yai is not killed, but explodes into a cloud of what we now call mosquitos. They can no longer kill you but they can sure make you itch!

And now—are you ready for Thirst’s boxed set Siblings?

Men who are always hungry, who crave both blood and love, these are the vampires who roam the pages in this new boxed set. Hunger: Tales of is filled with paranormal desire and tempting to even the most innocent...

If you loved the Thirst boxed set you will really love this BRAND NEW Hunger boxed set!

Eight bestselling vampire romance novels you can sink your teeth into—get ready to fall in love with darkness.

Tag, The Vampire’s Game by Elixa Everett: For generations, the women in Gina's family have been vampire hunters sworn to exterminate all vampires, no exceptions. Until Lance. He is cocky and infuriating, but also highly charismatic and easily the sexiest man she has even met, igniting feelings within her that she'd rather keep buried. What started as a game for him and a duty for her develops into a passion with an intensity that threatens to destroy them both. Can Gina resist the sinfully sexy Lance and destroy the only man who has truly made her feel alive?

Midnight Blue by Elizabeth Nyte: April Matthews goes looking for a job, what she finds is a sexy vampire. Gabriel Blue is determined to hold on to April no matter the danger. Can they survive Gabe's enemies and find eternal love?

Blood Rage by Tara Shuler: When a vampire destined to destroy all of humanity realizes love isn't weak and pointless after all, it just may be too late to save the only woman he's ever loved.

Earth Blood is Easy by Giselle Renarde: Alexxia’s stranded on Planet Earth without a blood source! When she meets a mysterious club owner, will she become too entranced by Earth’s underground vampire culture to leave?

Delicate Thorns by Miranda Hardy and Ainsley Shay: Waking up on a deserted island with no memory of who you are is scary, but waking up on a deserted island with no memory of who you are and a thirst for blood is terrifying.

A Touch of Vampire by Catherine Vale: If she had only stayed away he would have been spared. Now it’s too late, he’s been turned into a creature that will never be allowed to live.

She is all he has left. He just doesn’t know it yet.

One Night With a Vampire by Rozlyn Sparks: With a few shots of liquid courage, a pat on the ass, and a donated gold card, Daphne is whisked away to the famed, House of Immortal Pleasures for a night she won't soon forget.

Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose: When a billionaire playboy meets a shy grad student, he risks losing his heart for the first time in four hundred years.

And here are the buy links that will lead you into the steamy darkness you crave from Hunger: Tales of Vampire Romance:

And it’s still not too late to quench your thirst for the eldest of the siblings—Thirst: Tales of Vampire Romance with these buy links:

Amazon ~ iTunes ~ B&N ~ Kobo

And mark your calendar for the long awaited arrival of the third in the trilogy—Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance which is scheduled to go live on November 3, 2014! The perfect completion to your collection of fabulous fangery!

Amazon Short Bio: NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author and winner of the 2014 BP Readers Choice Award for Short Stories and Collections--Skye Eagleday is best known for spicy paranormal romance as well as steamy BBW romances. "I was born during the Long Days Moon, right after the Moon of the Singing Frogs. I am Native American and I was taught to be a traditional Storyteller, but I have always enjoyed also working with non-Traditional stories. I was taught that sometimes a Story can be so powerful, it begins to tell YOU."

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