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Tasha Black's CURSE OF THE ALPHA: Episode 1 and a Great Giveaway

Curse of the Alpha: Episode 1

Blurb: Step into a world of shifters, witches, ghosts and romance...
Ainsley Connor has turned her back on her past. Her perfect life as a successful real estate agent in Manhattan makes her memories of growing up as the daughter of a werewolf seem like a dream. But when a tragic accident forces her back to her unusual hometown, she can't repress her inner wolf any longer. Worse, the pack needs her to settle down and pick a mate. But how can she choose when the tiny college town is full of sexy, often-shirtless shifters, all vying for her attention?

And the shifters aren't even the strangest thing about Tarker's Hollow...

In Episode 1, Ainsley Connor is on a mission to get back to the penthouses of Manhattan before the full moon. Will the pack manage to stake their claim on her before it's too late?
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Ainsley was having the dream again.
She had worried that coming home to Tarker’s Hollow would bring it back. Her hands twisted the sheets as she tossed in her old childhood bed. At the same time, she smelled the pine needles crunching underfoot as her dream-self ran through the college woods.
In the dream she was always a teenager again.
Brian Swinton, the new boy at school, ran a few steps behind her, laughing.
Brian had just a few freckles on his cheeks that made you look at his eyes, his big, dreamy, hazel eyes. Once you were done with his eyes, which could be quite a while, you couldn’t help but see how his t-shirt hugged his wide shoulders and his Levi’s hung from his narrow hips. And even though he was a new kid and quiet, he made Ainsley’s heart beat loud, loud, loud. From across the black soapstone table in Honors Physics, Ainsley swore she could hear his blood pounding through his veins and smell his arousal when he looked at her, and his fear.
After school he would walk her home sometimes, much to the chagrin of her best friend. Grace Kwan-Cortez was a careful student and a good girl, like Ainsley. Romantic walks with boys were not high on Grace’s list of priorities.
And sometimes, on those walks home from school, Brian would try to pull her toward the woods. And Ainsley would sometimes let him.
There they would kiss under the pine trees until Ainsley was dizzy and heated and pushed him away to run as fast as she could back home. He would call after her, both of them laughing.
But the dream was always about their last visit to the woods.
In the quiet night of her parents’ empty house, a more grown up Ainsley thrashed in the sheets and tried desperately to wake up. But her traitorous feet carried her deeper into the woods.
She heard her own laughter mingle with Brian’s, close behind. At last she stopped running, whirled around, and wrapped her arms around his neck, ready for a sweet, slow kiss.
Instead, he spun them both around and pressed her back against a tree. Before she could react he slid his hands gently down her ribcage and let his thumbs brush her nipples.
Ainsley gasped as she took in the brand new sensations.
Brian pressed his mouth to hers again and angled his whole lean body against her soft one. She felt his heart pounding in his chest, and the hardened length of him throbbing against her hip.
Her insides clenched in pleasure and she deliberately pressed her breasts against his chest.
He inhaled sharply and stilled for a moment, then devoured her mouth again, fists clenched in her hair now, his hips rocking that mysterious stiff bulge against her.
In that moment Ainsley felt a surge of awareness. Suddenly she could hear every twig snap and every squirrel scamper in the woods. She could smell the wood shavings at the hardware store in the village and hear the train on the tracks in the city half an hour away, thundering toward Tarker’s Hollow. It all washed over her in a tidal wave until she felt that her heart could not keep beating.
Even poor Brian Swinton, excited as he was, could feel the change in her and pulled away, panting.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t know,” she said. “I’m sorry, I…” Tears welled in her eyes.
“Listen, we don’t have to make out, Ainsley. I know you have a lot of school work and you’re a nice girl…”
From her bed Ainsley wanted nothing more than to agree with him and walk away. But she knew that was useless. The dream would run its course.
It always did.
Teenaged Ainsley touched a cautious finger to Brian’s lips, then cupped both hands around his familiar face, letting her thumbs brush over the freckles on the tops of his cheeks, and staring into his hazel eyes. She could smell the anxiety in the light sweat on his brow. She ran her hands through his sandy hair and he closed his eyes. Her fingers traced the gentle swell of his biceps, and her nails raked slowly down his chest. He leaned into her hands, but she brought them back up to his face.
“Being with you, like this, it might just be my favorite thing,” Ainsley breathed.
Before he could respond, she grabbed his lower lip in her teeth and sucked on it gently.
Something was building inside Ainsley, struggling to break free.
Brian moaned softly. His hand cupped her breast, then worked its way down. He fumbled with the button of her jeans while they kissed. The sounds of the surrounding woods disappeared - Ainsley could hear nothing over the pounding of her own pulse. At last, the button gave way and Brian slipped his fingers into the waistband of her cotton panties.
There was a flash of light, then everything went black as the air filled with shrill, unnatural screams.
Ainsley Connor’s finally opened her eyes in the safety of her old bedroom, and realized the screams were coming from her.

Q&A with Tasha Black:
Q: How did you get your start as a writer?
A: I’ve always loved to read - the steamier the steamy scenes and the more plot twists the better! When I started yearning for stories that didn’t exist, I realized that maybe I’d better write them myself. It has been an amazing adventure.

Q: What is it like, writing all those, um, steamy scenes?
A: When I sat down to write Curse of the Alpha it seemed to flow from my brain right onto the laptop screen until I got to the first really sexy scene. Then I got nervous, embarrassed and excited all at once. So I waited until midnight, when the whole house was quiet. I poured myself a gigantic glass of wine, sat down at the computer with a purpose, and the rest is history!

Q: You write about a small college town with a lot of tall trees and Victorian houses. Is Tarker’s Hollow a real place?
A: Wouldn’t you like to know?  Tarker’s Hollow is inspired by my own hometown. But of course the characters are all fictional. We have no witches, and no shifters, but plenty of college professors! Many of them are just as handsome as the men I describe in my books.

Q: What was your inspiration for Curse of the Alpha?
A: I adore BBW shifter romance, but longed for a female character every bit as confident as those alpha males we all love! And so Ainsley Connor was born.

Q: If you were able to have lunch with any person, living or dead, who would you choose?
A: I would love to have lunch with Lev Tolstoy AND Viola Rivard. Is that allowed? It would be amazing to talk shop with those two expert serial writers! Who knows what they might have in common?

Curse of the Alpha
Episode Two

Ainsley learns about the danger facing the pack, and discovers that someone she trusts is hiding a dark secret.
Will she be able to restrain the beast inside as it struggles to break free?

Available at Amazon
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Curse of The Alpha
Episode Three and Four
In Episode 3, Ainsley must retaliate after a shocking betrayal. Information from her past helps her to see things in a new light. But how will she react when she receives a ghostly visitor?
In Episode 4, Ainsley makes a plan to leave Tarker’s Hollow, but ends up running for her life. Will she manage to escape in time to use what she has learned to shape her future?

Available at Amazon
(special today only $0.99)

Curse of The Alpha
Episode Five and Six
In Episode 5, Ainsley makes a powerful enemy. Mysteries are solved and secrets are uncovered. How will the pack react when the new alpha is drawn?
In Episode 6, Ainsley must master her true nature to bring balance to the pack. Will she be able to harness her powers in time to defend the ones she loves?

Available at Amazon


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  5. I enjoyed your interview today Tasha Black! And, the excerpt from episode 1 of Curse of the Alpha. I thank you for the chance to be able to own this series!! My email address (just in case it's needed :) ) is: ksb.1954@yahoo.com.

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