Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marianne Morea's POWER PLAY Blog Tour (plus guest post)

Power Play 

by Marianne Morea 

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Tour Organizer: NK Author Services

Tough as nails, Mitch Paris trained with the best, earning a place as second-in-command to the Alpha of the Brethren. Rissa Leighton survived sickness and an unhappy marriage until the fates brought the two of them together. Never one to give up a fight, it's now Mitch's turn to take the lead as alpha of his own pack, but after a ten year absence he returns home with Rissa to the Canadian Northwest Territories to find more than just the landscape has changed. A Blood Challenge has been issued, and not only must he prove his worth but past intrigues raise questions about his future, his new family and a murder that could change the course of their life and love...

Guest Post
Marianne Morea

I get my inspiration from everyday life. With me, if I see you in the supermarket or the gas station and you catch my eye and my attention, you could end up as a character in one of my books. If you’re a jerk or rude, it makes it much easier for me to kill you off. Scenarios find me on all levels and in the most commonplace ways. You overhear bits of conversation; you witness interactions—good and bad. It all makes for character building. Mitch’s mother, Cecily, showed up at a Christmas party last year. The woman responsible for the character wasn’t older, but she was a queen bitch! She looked down her nose at everyone that night, dropping snide comments under her breath and insulting the hostess in a subtle, passive-aggressive way. It took restraint not to grab pieces of lemon from the bar and shove them into her already puckered mouth. I knew then she was the inspiration for Cecily Paris, and boy did I enjoy killing her off!

Some authors close their eyes and daydream. I’m not one of those people. My mind is too frenetic. It’s very hard to calm my thoughts. I need a catalyst, something that puts me on autopilot, something that I don’t have to think about doing to allow my mind to wander. For me it’s either driving or when I’m in the shower. If I’m driving, especially any kind of distance…like when I take my kids to hockey practice. Their rink is a good half hour drive from the house…it’s like a checkered flag goes down in my head and the characters start talking. The same happens in the shower. The dull roar of the water is almost hypnotic and sends me into a creative trance. The last half hour of sleep is also a good time for stories and characters to come forward. That twilight time when you’re half-awake/half asleep is fertile ground.

People ask if my alpha males are inspired by my husband. I suppose in a way they are, but in truth, most of my male characters are compilations. They are a mix of people I know, people I see in the street and my own desires. My heroines, on the other hand, are mostly me…me as I am, and me as I wish I could be. In my Teen/YA series, the main female characters are a mix of me now, me as a teen and my own daughters…

So, like the saying goes, if you catch a writer’s attention you will live forever…or until I decide you have to die! LOL!

Born and raised in New York, Marianne Morea’s stories embody the grit and complexity of the city. An avid traveler, she uses experiences from around the world in all her books. Dark Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Suspense and Horror are the hallmarks of her writing style, where readers are thrust into a world where the city never sleeps because the nightmares are real.

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