Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Reap & Redeem by Lisa Medley

Book Name: Reap and Redeem

Series: The Reapers Book 2

Author's Name: Lisa Medley 
Genre: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Kylen and Olivia

Release Date: October 6, 2014

Reviewed by: Shonna 
My Rating: 4

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BLURB: He’s a reaper who has given up on saving souls. Will a dying woman be his salvation?
After a century of enslavement to pure evil, Kylen Larson is finally free. But he’s long past caring. The only woman he ever loved is dead, and he’s tormented by memories of the horrors his demon parasite forced him to commit. Now, he lives for nothing more than hunting down the infernal creatures invading Meridian, Arkansas, and destroying them.Olivia Evans is in the final stages of cancer when Kylen accidentally saves her from demonic possession. When he rescues this innocent soul, Kylen rediscovers his mission—and his heart. All he wants is to help Olivia stay alive. He’ll just have to fight off an invasion from Hell first…

Review: Even though the demon that possessed the reaper, Kylen for so long has been killed, what remains of Kylen, is not the same. All those years took a toll on his mind and body, and in ways he still feels the tethers that tie him to evil. Everyone fears he will soon be lost to the dark side. The burden of losing the only woman he ever loved tears him apart, he has lost faith, and hopes his job of now killing demons will be done soon as well as his own life. Drawn by screams in an ally, he saves a young woman from being possessed and takes her to safety. Still on his path of destruction, his thoughts begin to take a turn as he repeatedly allows his energy to flow into her and heal her.
Olivia’s days are quickly numbered. The cancer has spread and there is no hope. Trying to fulfill her written down bucket list, she only has a few left to be marked off. One she never thought she would be able to accomplish was #60 on the list, save a life. She just hopes in her last hours, she can save Kylen before it’s to late, for both of them.

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