Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Spellbound Spirit by Lana Hart

Book Name: The Spellbound Spirit

Author: Lana Hart 

Series: The Curious Collectibles Series #1

Release Date: May 30, 2014

Main Characters: Misty and Jack

Category: F/M

Heat level: Spicy 

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Blurb: The sleepy town of Sanctum Harbor is in for a rude awakening...
Misty Ryder yearns for a love like the one she once had with Deputy Jack Snow. Working so closely with him at the sheriff's department only twists the knife he left in her heart nearly a decade before.
When she unintentionally disturbs the spirit of an old, forgotten crime and unearths a mystery that defies rational explanation, she and Jack find themselves surrounded by the secrets of the living--and the cries of the dead.
How can antique silks and lace take such a hold on two scarred lovers, and will freeing the spirit free them, as well?

Reviewed by LT
My Rating: 4
If this doesn't catch your attention nothing will,... "Lingerie haunted by Trans gender hooker". 
Misty is a small town girl with a lot of heartache. Her father died, her mother commented herself, and her best friend and (dream mate) has come back from the police academy and forgotten all about her. Flash forward ten years later and Misty is still very bitter towards Jack and worst of all she works with him. Feeling unsure of herself after breaking up with her boyfriend, she finds herself drawn to a vintage store in search of shoes. The shoes are not for her, but the sexy lingerie picks her . She feels the pull to it and is unable to resist it.
Jack has waited and waited to apologize for how he treated Misty, but doesn't know how to fix it. But when he sees her in trouble and it ties to a ten year old investigation, he does everything in his power to save her and hopefullly what he threw away with her in the past. 

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