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Cam Cassidy and Ruelle Channing's WOLF'S SALVATION

Wolf’s Salvation

Author: Cam Cassidy and Ruelle Channing

Genre: Paranormal Military Romance

JT Howard’s heart had hardened over the years as he struggled with the demons of his past. Once he became the Alpha of Wolfpack Delta, he gave it up for a life of quiet solitude. JT’s solitude is shattered as he finds his pack embroiled in a war. When he dives into active duty, he will do whatever it takes to protect what is his.
Lou Piacella life has been filled with struggles, each one overcome, but leaving behind a scar that she’s hid behind a smart mouth and cocky attitude. A tech at MedVision Genetics lab, she finds herself an unwilling ally to the Wolfpack Delta. Finally released, she thought her life could return to normal. How could she have been so wrong?
Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, JT and Lou will be forced to face the demons of their pasts as they struggle to stay one step ahead of MedVision. Can two people broken over time come together and find salvation one another?

Why me? Why do I have to be the one to bring this stubborn female to heel?
Lou walked in, flipped on the lights, and as she turned around, JT got an eyeful. From her feet in the high-heeled combat boots, right up to her spiked blonde hair, JT checked her out. The fuck-me heels, stockings, short black skirt, and pink shirt almost made him come in his pants.
"I'm here because I was ordered to be. Not my fault you weren't here to let me in, and I had no intention of sitting outside on your doorstep like a mutt waiting for scraps.” He growled out the words, pissed, as he usually was when he was around her. Calmly, he stood up, and walked across the room, coming face to face with her. Well actually chest to face, shoving the door closed behind her. Forcing her to tilt her chin up to look at him.
"Well, take your orders, tuck that fuzzy little tail of yours between your legs and go home. I'm not part of your fucked-up bunch of deranged animals and I'm not in the Navy anymore. Orders don't apply to me.” She shoved past him and walked into her kitchen, grabbing a beer from the fridge. After taking a few long pulls from the bottle, she turned and looked at him again where he stood leaning against the doorframe, a smirk across her face.
"You're still here? I thought I told you to leave? Scoot. Run along home, little doggie.”
Frustrated, he growled out, "What part of 'orders' do you not understand? As much as it pains me, Ryden wants your help. We need someone on the inside at MedVision to get us any information that might be helpful, to be our eyes and ears. Since you're the only one we know who works there, guess what sweetheart, you're it."
"Oh, dude, that is just sweet. You need someone on the inside and you come prowling at my door? Why don’t you give me one good reason why I should help you?” Eyes flashing, she crossed her arms over her ample breasts and glared at him across the room. “Let’s see, you already kidnapped me, and kept me against my will while you acted like I was invading your territory. Don’t worry big guy, I didn’t piss on any trees while I was there. Your marks are fine. You’re in my territory now and I can piss on anything I want, so piss off.” She took another swig of her beer. “I swear you may be the big bad wolf but I’m starting to think that you’re deaf and dumb. I told you both I’m no doctor. They don’t tell me shit about what goes on there.”
JT had heard enough. Having Lou challenge him was something he wasn't used to. She never would have talked to him like that. The differences between the two women were night and day. Hard as it was to admit, it turned him on. He couldn't help but think of what he wanted to do to that sassy mouth of hers.

Author Bios

Cam Cassidy’s Bio:
Cam Cassidy grew up in a small Ohio farming community. The lack of neighbors and companionship of mostly cows, dogs and horses left plenty of time for her passion of reading to flourish. It wasn't long before her imagination ran away and she was creating her own stories.
As an adult, Cam is married and the mother of three who loved keeping her on her toes. The ever present cup of coffee in her hand and notebook in her purse has become a trademark. While she works full time in the medical field, her spare time is filled reading and writing. Watching her daughter ride horses, the boys dirt bikes, four wheelers, running around from one sports field to the next, she never missed jotting down that all important plot twist.
Her love romantic suspense and paranormal creatures, werewolves in particular, are showcased in her recent works. Stay on the look out vampires, some alpha military men and cowboys that are all screaming in her head to get their stories done.
Somewhere between running kids and catching up on laundry, her hard work paid off with her first publication of Wolf's Heart, co-authored with Ruelle Channing, by Fated Desires Publishing. The second book in the series, Wolf's Salvation November 2014.
Her solo career begins with A Wolf Awakens, published by Decadent Publishing coming in 2015

Cam's Links:  Blog   Pinterest   Goodreads   Amazon   Twitter   FB   Wolfpack Delta Series FB Page   Instagram   Authorgraph   

Ruelle Channing’s Bio:

Ruelle Channing is a writer of Paranormal Romance. She grew up in a small 
North Carolina community with books as her best friend. Often as a child, she was scolded for propping up her book to read while she did her chores, even while her mother encouraged the interest. Her father was illiterate, but never let that keep him from learning. Most of the librarians at both her school and local library knew her by name as she was a frequent visitor there. After graduation from high school, Ruelle worked in a sewing factory. She married at age 21 and had the first of three daughters two years later. Her girls have also inherited the love of reading. As stay at home mom for 17 years, Ruelle still wondered what she wanted to be when she "grew up". Having lived in books all her life, as an adult it has been her dream to create a world in which she would be proud to have others become entrance in. Her recent works include the Wolfpack Delta Series, which was written with friend and co-author, Cam Cassidy, and she has several other works in progress. 

Ruelle Channing links:  FB   FB Author Page   Wolfpack Delta Series FB Page   

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