Friday, December 5, 2014

LT's Top 3 Books/Series for 2014

Rachel Morgan/ The Hollows series 
by Kim Harrison @BurningBunnies
Books 12 & 13 the last books of the series..The Undead Pool & The Witch With No Name. 
I have a sad face over this, I hate to see the series end. Rachel has grown and changed so much from the first book so I guess there was nowhere else to go. She has loved and lost so many lovers, some to death, others to betrayal and she keeps pulling through. She also finds time to save the world a number of times all the while changing from a witch to a demon and rooming with female vampire and a Fairy with 50 kids. 

Rachel Morgan and The Hollows Amazon

The Elder Race by Thea Harrison @TheaHarrison
My 2nd & 3rd favorites are The Elder Race series by Thea Harrison. I have two books favorites in this series because they are very short stories with a lot of info packed in them. Pia Saves the Day & Peanut Goes to School.
What I love about these books are they revisit main characters from the first books in the series telling more about their lives after they have found love.

The Elder Race Amazon

Seems authors with the last name Harrison was my cup of tea.

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