Friday, December 5, 2014

Wendy's Top 3 Books/Series for 2014

Top three books/series (2014) that gave me a complete book hangover.
These are the books that I could not stop thinking about after I read the last page.  And yes, all three books/series are Male/Male books. 

TRY & TAKE by Ella Frank  @EllaFrank2012
Logan & Tate.. I don’t know how to describe my love for these books and characters. I am so new to the GFY books but my whole motto is everyone just knows when they found their true soul mate.
Logan- loud, determined, loving and so new to having his legs knocked out from under him by a single man. I adore him, in all ways. Knows what he wants and doesn’t let anyone or anything stop him from getting it.
Tate- funny, unsure about his true feelings, cares about what others think and so lovable. I’m not saying Logan wears him down but once Tate lets go of everyone else and the things that are blocking his heart he sees Logan for who and what he truly is. The sex in these books are outstanding, very well written books.
TRY Amazon   TAKE Amazon

Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander  @KindleAlexander 
Mitch and Cody.. I loved this book more than the first one in the series and it was all due to Mitch. 
Mitch- Holy smokes what a well written character. He reminded me of Logan from the Take/Try books- he thought he would be a player forever and not find love. Never did he really think he wanted a partner or family, believe me he was having plenty of fun running through men. Hilarious is one word I would use to describe Mitch. From his t-shirts to his smart-assed naughty talking mouth, this man is fantastic.
Cody- career oriented with his head on straight but is looking for more, he’s the guy that wants his career plus a family to come home to. Meeting Mitch and Mitch’s big personality was not exactly what he was looking for when he hit the gay bar. Lovable, fun, respectful and completely loves his entire family, he’s an all around good guy.  The scene at his family’s house for the holidays- oh lordy I cried so hard. (seriously ugly happy crying)

Full Disclosure Amazon

Red Dirt Heart (1,2 & 3) by N.R. Walker @NR_Walker
Charlie and Travis…When I read one book and love it, if there are others out in the series I buy them right away and that is what I did with these three books. I missed hours of sleep reading these fantastic books. They are set in Australia and Yes, now I want to go there. Made me want a baby wombat!
Charlie- Man in his twenties who went away to university only to last a few years before he had to come back and run his family’s cattle station(which we call a ranch). Self imposed loneliness, keeps his sexual orientation to himself, thinks he will never find love and more importantly in his mind thinks he does not deserve it after his father told him that. He thinks if it gets out that he is gay that his employees and other station owners will not want to work with him or for him. Never expects the love of his life, the air in his lungs and his soul mate to actually walk through his front door. Only child who thinks when he is off by himself and has no problem just up and leaving when times get tough. Keeps his thoughts and comments to himself and has a problem saying what he means, even if it costs him everything. Willing to try anything to keep his heart and soul on the station land with him.

Travis- An American student who comes to Sutton Station for a month long stay to study the famous red dirt and how things grow there. He is out and proud, does not care what others think about him being gay, wears his heart on his sleeve. Speaks his mind and holds nothing back. Loves fully and expects full love back. Knows he can pull Charlie’s head out of his ass and make him see what a wonderful man he truly is, can make the past hurts go away.

Red Dirt Heart Amazon   Red Dirt Heart 2 Amazon  Red Dirt Heart 3 Amazon

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  1. Thank you so much for including me in your Top 3 - especially with this line up of authors! JUST WOW! Thank you very very much. You made my day!