Friday, January 2, 2015

MOON TORTURED by McKenzie Hunter

Mook Name: Moon Tortured

Series: Sky Brooks Series, Book #1

Author's Name: McKenzie Hunter

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Main Characters: Skylar, Josh, and Ethan

Release Date: May 11, 2014

Reviewed by: Shonna

My Rating: 4 stars

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BLURB: Skylar’s death came not at the end, after a long fulfilling existence, not in the middle, as a result of an untimely tragic event—but at the beginning, with her birth. As a final effort to save her dying unborn child, Skylar’s pregnant mother, a witch, sacrificed herself by invoking a powerful spirit shade to inhabit Skylar’s body, imbuing her with life. For twenty-three years, Skylar lived a life of oblivion, content with her simple job, loving adoptive mother and the monthly inconvenience of a full moon hangover after being sedated and caged when she changed into a wolf. It wasn’t exciting but it was her life until one night, she woke up in a strange room in the middle of rural Illinois—bruised and with jumbled memories of her mother’s death from a vampire attack. The Midwest pack comes to her rescue. Known for being more ruthless than altruistic she doesn’t know if she can trust them. 
But after an assassination attempt by a necromancer, an abduction attempt by a mercenary, and more aggressive and violent attacks by the vampires, she has no other choice but to accept their help. The Midwest pack quickly discover that Skylar is the host to a spirit shade, who gives her magical abilities, that make her as much of a danger as an asset and that she is the key to the vampires’ plan to perform a ritual that will give them unrestricted power. Tension rises as the pack become divided between those who think her life is worth protecting as a potential ally and those who believe she is too dangerous to live. In the end, Skylar finds herself fighting for her life—a life that may be tragically taken too soon.

Review:  Delivering an exciting beginning, the action packed story snatches you in the opening scene with exciting danger, and sweeping drama. Full of shifters, vampires, witches, spells and a magical gem, the author creates an unique  world with a different twist. Skylar, the main character, is thrown into a lot of emotional and physical situations that she just isn’t ready for. She has a really hard time with understanding and excepting who she is, and clearly doesn’t fit into the lifestyle of the werewolf. The wolf clan itself is not traditional either. They had some very animalistic traits and behaviors that tend to make them seem a little less human. Many times I wasn’t for sure which side of the fence some of the characters were on, and I wasn’t expecting the ending the author gave the book at all. But I did enjoy the way the author wrote and expressed descriptions and emotions. A good read. If you are interested in something different, but in a good way, this is for you.

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