Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beast Coast by J.C. McKenzie

Book Name: Beast Coast

Series: Carus #2

Author's Name: J.C. McKenzie

Genre: F/M & M- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Andy, Wick & Tristan

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Book Provided by: ARC by author

Reviewed by: Wendy

My Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Sometimes the greatest danger comes from within…
When Master Vampire Lucien Delgatto threatens her potential mate Wick’s life, Shape Shifter Andrea “Andy” McNeilly will employ a den of witches, a bedazzled thong, and her ability to shift into multiple animals to meet his demands. She plans to keep Wick safe—even if she’s not speaking to him. Lucien’s unwelcomed control over Wick's life has thrown Andy into a whirlwind of emotions.
Though Wick vows to do whatever it takes to earn Andy’s forgiveness and win back her trust, it may be too late. This recent conflict awakens something within Andy, an animal she’s never learned to control. For hidden beneath all her forms is a beast whose anger and brutality rivals none.
And she’s pissed.

Review: Going straight from book one we find Andy closer to the Master Vampire Lucien than she ever wanted to be. She's still reeling from how Wick treated her while he was under Lucien's control. Understanding that Wick only did it because he was forced to does not help her feelings nor her animal spirits feelings. Her wolf still thinks of Wick as her mate but Andy's other two animals don't agree, especially when her cat gets a whiff of Tristan. Tristan is the alpha of the local wereleopard pack and his cat is screaming "Mate" just as loud as her cat is. 
While Andy is helping Lucien she is also discovering more about herself and what a Carus truly is. Taking on another animal is the last thing she wants but when it happens she has mixed feelings and way too many voices in her head.
Finding out who is putting all the non-humans in danger is Andy's new job but when it comes time to put herself in harms way, all the men in her life step up to give her all the numerous reasons why they think she shouldn't do it. 

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