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Feb 25 - BETWEEN TWO EVILS By Lynne Stevie Spotlight &Giveaway! @lynnestevie

By Lynne Stevie  

Beware the blue moon, for on its eve a beast will come that only you can control.  That’s the prophecy that threatened what should have been a lovely weekend retreat for Lavanya Draculesti’s clients.
Count of Love, the world’s first vampire dating service, is her business and her passion. When eight clients are ready to meet—and mate—she plans a weekend retreat at her ancestral home in Romania. Her volatile guests are thrilled with the arrangements. Until the prophecy comes true and a bizarre wolf attacks one of them. 
Zev thought he knew—and hated—everything about vampires. However, to gain his families freedom from a vow of servitude to The Prince of Darkness he agrees to protect Lavanya, Vlad’s daughter, while she’s in Romania. The job isn’t an easy one, and Lavanya herself only makes it harder. After a second attempt on her life, Zev realizes that his own demons may be the greatest threat to her survival.  
Although The Prince would be happy to kill him for it, Zev can’t resist the powerful attraction he feels for Lavanya.  In more than two hundred years, he’s never met a vampire or a woman like her. Disregarding all logic, he hungers for her touch. But between Dracula, the witch, and the demon, he’ll be lucky to survive long enough to claim her.

For Lavanya, Zev awakens intense desires that defy her psychic powers and test her faith. With her new powers emerging and her loved ones in danger, Lavanya finally understands that controlling a beast is not the same as taming 
it. With her life and her heart in danger, Lavanya must take a leap of faith and choose between two evils to seize the love she craves.

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About the Author:
Lynne was raised on a small farm in the Midwest, at a time when there were only 3 television stations and no computers.  Oh the horror! 

 Growing up miles away from any other families gave her the opportunity to hone her imagination and plenty of time to read.  To say that she had an active imagination is a huge understatement and she has always been fascinated with magic, fantasy and the paranormal. 
 After earning a bachelor degree in Criminology Lynne married her college sweetheart and traded farm country for the sugar white beaches of the Florida Panhandle.  Now she spends her time writing and taking care of her three children, two dogs, and her husband.
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LT's Review (4.5 Stars)
I'm surprised how much I loved this book. Only because it was about Dracula.. ok it was really about his half human daughter Lavanya.  Vlad has been sleeping for 50 years after the death of Lavanya's movie star mother . Lavanya has been making a life for herself away from her father's world and castle. Until her business brings her back home. Lavanya is the owner and operator of the only known Vampire dating service, and she needs her father's castle for the couples to meet and greet. While there she is put in danger.

Zev hates all vampires because as a new born baby he was doomed to die by the hands of the villagers his mother lived in. With her dying breath after giving birth to Zev, she asked her mother to take Zev to the Prince (of darkness) for protection. Vlad only saved him because he believed that one day Zev would save his daughter. Zev is part human and part Demon as a result of a rape, and since birth bonded to Vlad as his pet.  Vlad tells Zev he can have his and his grandmother's freedom if he protects Lavanya from the danger that is coming.

p.s. I could read the books of the couples in this story getting together as long as Zev is still there, it would make an interesting series.

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