Monday, March 2, 2015

The Protector by Jessie G.

Book Name: The Protector

Series: The Sizzling Miami #3

Author's Name: Jessie G.

Genre: Contemporary M/M/M

Main Characters: Saul, Javier and Kyle

Release Date: February 13, 2015

Book Provided by: ARC by author

Reviewed by: Wendy

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

BLURB: There was a time when Master Saul Alvarez filled his days fighting and his nights teaching willing subs the pleasure of his whip. His compassionate understanding of the masochist mind makes him the most sought after professional sadist in the Miami BDSM community. Neither role invites long term relationships, but he’s comfortable with his solitary existence until he is charged with guarding Durango's prized whore. One look into those terror filled eyes has him vowing to risk it all to save the beautiful man.
Javier Escardo had been praying for death, but never expected the stone cold killer he got in response. One glimpse into those sinful eyes reveals not only the promise of retribution, but a reason to live. Seven years later, free and mostly sane, Javier is determined to take what belongs to him. Saul’s heart. Through hell and back, through layers of pain and shifting realities, that one truth has remained firm. His protector needs saving and he can’t do it alone.

Hidden beneath the public persona, Kyle Jansen is a man who craves to be invisible without being insignificant. He longs to find a Master who will see his need to be taken over without abusing him and a lover who will care about him beyond the sexual games. It isn't until he encounters the smoldering combination of Saul and Javier that he realizes it was never supposed to be just one partner at all.

Can two battered hearts be mended by the love of a third? Kyle becomes the light to their darkness, and he’s willing to risk his heart for theirs, but when the past threatens Saul, will Javier’s sacrifice destroy them all?

Review: This series just keeps getting better. The emotions of the characters leap of the pages at you. 
The Protector, what a perfect description of Saul. For years he has been protecting Javi, from not only his past but also his future. Being a Master in the BDSM scene for years, he is well known for knowing how to give his subs what they need while giving himself the release he needs. Leaving that lifestyle to protect Javi and himself is something he deals with daily but he doesn't have the pull to it like he once had. 
Working for a monster who had his hands in drugs and human trafficking, Saul was the go-to guy when the dirty work needed to be done. During this time is when he met Javier, a young man who was being used as a prostitute for Saul's boss to make money. Knowing his only goal was now to get Javi to safety, he knew he would do anything to make that happen, even go to jail for years, just as long as Javi was out of that world. Seven years later Saul is still protecting Javi, a man who is so broken everyone wonders if he will ever be normal again.  When Javi does start to open up to Saul, he is shocked to learn that Javi wants to add a third into their strained relationship.  
Kyle is in Miami doing a promotional stop with the rest of his crew, known as Kip in the porn world, he observes an intimate moment between Saul and Javi in a coffee shop. Seeing Kyle is all it took for Javi to know that he was theirs. When fate steps in and they all run into each other again, Javi knows for sure that they are all meant to be together. When Saul finally comes around to the idea his reasons for wanting Kyle there are not the same as Javi's. Happiness is there for all three of them if they can only work together to make it happen.

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