Monday, February 9, 2015

SOUL FIRE by Shannan Albright @shannanalbright

Book Name: Soul Fire

Series: The Guardians of Drakkan

Author's Name: Shannan Albright

Genre: Paranormal Romance M/F

Main Characters: Crispin and Aslynn

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Book Provided by: Verified purchase- Amazon

Reviewed by: LT

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

BLURB: A dragon on borrowed time.
Crispin, king of a shape-shifting race known as Drakkan’s children has little hope left for his dying race. Without females for his males to mate with, their extinction is assured. When the mating fever grips him, he knows his time can be counted in days before he goes mad and must be destroyed.
A woman who holds the key to a race’s survival.
During the Beltane Ceremony, Aslynn Durry is one of the chosen by the god Drakkan and the Tuatha de Danann to save the shape-shifting race. Within a secluded glen Aslynn and Crispin, unite for what they think is one night of celebration, only to find both of their destinies’ are woven together.
An old enemy rises from the pits of hell to have his revenge.
The Fomorians have bided their time to strike. The alliance between the Tuatha de Danann and the great dragon god Drakkan has given them the chance they need to satisfy their thirst for revenge.
Crispin and Aslynn find themselves pawns in an ancient war. Can they survive long enough to defeat the Fomorians? Or will the hope for Drakkan’s dying children be destroyed?

Review: Already the outcast of her village for being an an unmarried woman at her age, Aslynn is soon chosen to save the race of dragon shifters she had no idea existed. Thinking she would never find love or have children in a matter of minutes she finds herself in the arms of a man she would do anything for, even walked through his fire to be mated to him.
Crispin is going mad, Dragon shifters, if unable to find their mates have this fate. They can only mate with a certain type of woman who was made long ago by a god who had been killed, So now no more females of her making exist anymore. The god who was killed gave up on his people until he saw Aslynn and finally answered the prayers of his dragon followers. Now that they have the chance to survive,  an evil has come to finish a very old war.

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