Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Book Name: Darkness Unchained

Series: Skye Brooks Series

Author's Name: McKenzie Hunter 

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date: January 6, 2015

Reviewed by: Shonna   

My Rating: 4

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BLURB: Just try to survive. That had been Skylar’s goal since she discovered that she had died at birth and become a host to a very powerful spirit shade. She was a werewolf with the ability to manipulate magic, and that made Skylar an enigma that most viewed as either an asset or a danger. Being an anomaly in the otherworld was a hazard, and last year she had barely survived. After declining membership in the Midwest Pack, Skylar naively thought she could return to a normal life and fade into obscurity. She was wrong.After saving the life of a pack member who was brutally attacked, Skylar finds herself pulled back into the otherworld to help the Northern Seethe and Midwest Pack find the person responsible for the recent attacks on their people. Once again, Skylar must negotiate the lies, secrets and strange politics that govern the otherworld while struggling not to draw attention to her abilities. It falls apart when she inadvertently changes a peculiar vampire and the link between Skylar and the culprit responsible for the attacks on the vampires and were-animals is discovered.
Now Skylar wonders if she will be able to survive the otherworld this time.

Review:  In this second installment of the SKYE BROOKS SERIES, many of the secondary characters from the first book take a step forward. Getting to know more about them and their role in this intriguing story the author weaves is compelling. It not only expands the story in new directions, it binds the closeness of the characters and shows how they touch each others life in one way or another. Some in a good way, some in a bad. Not a typical otherworld book, the werewolves have their own unique standards of life that are in many ways different from anything I have ever read. Embracing their animal side, many of their characteristics strongly reflect this more rather than the human side. Refreshing and entertaining, several characters keep you on your toes as to whether they are really good or evil. Not knowing for sure makes this story even more tantalizing and not able to put down.

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