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SEAL MY HOME by Sharon Hamilton- Blog Tour and Giveaway

SEAL My Home
by Sharon Hamilton

Blurb: Bad boy Rory Kennedy was raised in foster care, bouncing in and out of trouble along the way. He finds his true family and real brothers as a Navy SEAL, one of the Navy’s elite warriors. When his BUD/S instructor barked the SEAL’s Motto: Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, he knew he had found home.

Megan Palmer works in a bookstore and finds her passion in life through reading steamy romance novels. Her brief affair with a man she later found out was married has left her damaged, until she meets the handsome SEAL, who stands ready to open her world and give her things she’s only dreamed.

On a skiing trip, Rory suffers a possible career-ending injury and also comes face to face with a past he never knew of, and a family who had abandoned him. His relationship with Megan is tested to the breaking point as Rory wades through the dark waters of recovery and whether or not he can live without the life he loves. A home-grown terrorist cell forces his hand and he discovers his true purpose.

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Whatever she’d bottled up had come loose. Her appetite met her need, which should have scared him. But for the first time, he wanted her to need him. He could fill he up. She was starving for it.
And so was he.

She was sleeping, and he fell into her rhythm, inhaling when she did, exhaling also in tandem, feeling her soft sex crowning his thigh. He thought of all the lovely things he wanted to say to her, but knew he shouldn’t. He knew the speaking part would mess up what he now felt, something he rarely felt.


He tried to breathe without making a sound, hoping that this time together, which was as precious to him as the love making part, was prolonged for as long as possible. She was fire and ice. The salt and the caramel. She tucked inside the hard exterior of his soul and shivered, rested there under his protection.

He must have twitched or done something, because she startled and rose up quickly, rolling to the side and covering herself up. He could almost feel her heavy thoughts tossing about the room as he viewed her light pink spine glowing in the near moonlight as she sat on the edge of the bed away from him. An inch of her butt crack was in shadow, but the alabaster surface of her skin was flawless and made her look like a statue.

He inhaled without a sound, and let his index finger trace down the middle of her back, traveling over the ridges of her vertebra. She stiffened at first, then rolled her head to the side and killed him with the blue gaze that showed him she was still hungry.

“Come here, Megan,” he said, worried he’d been a little too loud.

She touched her shoulder with her ear in a shy move that belied her real feelings for him. He could see it in the coral shaded corners of her lips, how they quirked up at the ends.

Character Profile

1. Name: Rory Kennedy
2. Age: 26
3. General physical description:

Hair Color: Sandy Brown, very coarse and stiff (bird’s nest type)
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 200
4. Hometown: Raised in Texas, California, Oregon and Nevada
5. Type of home/ neighborhood: Raised in the foster care system. First at an orphanage run by nuns. Sent as a newborn and never adopted out. Left at 16 (ran away)
6. Relationship status: Single, but have a girlfriend now.
7. Current family: Met a man who I didn’t want to admit was my father in a skiing accident, a billionaire hedge fund trader, Raymond Corrigan. Once met a woman who said she was my aunt when I was 5 at the orphanage, but never met any family until I met Mr. Corrigan.
8. Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.): Never married, lots of girlfriends. Like the “bookish” ones who don’t talk so much. No parents, sisters, brothers, uncles or cousins that I know of.
9. Other close relationships: Megan Palmer is my girlfriend now.
10. Job: SO (Special Operator), Member of SEAL Team 3, based in San Diego. I am a demolition specialist and sharpshooter. I love tinkering with things, blowing things up.
11. Dress style: Never worn a tux or a suit. Don’t intend to, either. I’ll wear my Navy dress uniform if I have need.
12. Favorite pastimes/ Hobbies: Snowboarding, blowing shit up.
13. Favorite foods: Anything quick. I don’t eat out much except fast food. Occasional burger at The Rusty Scupper or at Griz’s Golden Bear Grill down by the wharf. Best chowder in town.
14. Strongest positive personality trait: I never give up and will die defending the innocent. Bullies need to be pounded into the ground if they can’t stop themselves. If they want to fight, I’m your man. I think a man who gives up on a kid is not a real man.
15. Strongest negative personality trait: I’m a hot head. I take things the wrong way sometimes. I hate being used or lied to, and I hate phonies.
16. Temperament: Brooding, hot headed, but very passionate when it comes to the ladies. I consider sex an art form.
17. How other people see him/her: I really don’t care what others think of me. That’s none of my business.
18. Opinion of him/herself: I’m all right. I don’t have to be everybody’s lover, just Megan’s. If she loves me, we’re good. I’m done looking. End of story. Something happens to her, I’m still done. I’m a simple guy and once I see something I like, I grab it and make it mine. I’m easy to start and hard to stop.
19. Ambitions: Heal my leg and be able to get back active on the Teams after my accident.
20. Philosophy of life: Like the Navy SEAL Motto: Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. I interpret that to mean don’t be expecting a handout, someone to give you more than you deserve. Life is hard, but quit whining about what you don’t have and start appreciating what you do have. People who complain about their families I don’t get. They have no idea how lucky they are to have a family.
21. Most important thing to know about this character: I spent ten years of my young boyhood wishing my parents would come pick me up and take me home. I believed they would. I used to make up stories to tell myself so I could sleep at night without balling my eyes out. I taught this trick to several others of the boys in the orphanage. I’m also a big fan of Playboy. I like a girl with lots of curves and enough meat on her to love and love hard.
22. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? Rory goes through an arc where he gives up his resentment toward his parents, finding in himself the space to forgive, and let part of his past in, embrace it. I think the readers are rooting for Rory and all his crusty “Bad Boy” edges. He believes in honor and telling the truth, things he found in the SEAL training, which he considered easier than the beatings he got as a child. He grew up as a tough little kid with a strong sense of right and wrong. He doesn’t fight unless it’s important, and then, if it is, you can’t stop him.

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About the Author 
NYT and USA/Today Bestselling Author Sharon Hamilton’s SEAL Brotherhood series have earned her Amazon author rankings of #1 in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and Contemporary Romance. Her characters follow a sometimes rocky road to redemption through passion and true love. Her Golden Vampires of Tuscany earned her a #1 Amazon author ranking in Gothic Romance.
A lifelong organic vegetable and flower gardener, Sharon and her husband live in the Wine Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place.

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  1. This looks interesting to me. I like servicemen reads.

  2. This looks interesting to me. I like servicemen reads.

  3. Love Rory profile. I really enjoyed this book

  4. Thanks for hosting me today! Looks great and I appreciate the shout out!!

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