Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CONNOR by Randi Everheart- Book Tour & Giveaway

Title: Connor

Author: Randi Everheart

Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Sophia Turner comes home from college for the summer, she has no idea her stalker is planning to kidnap her – and worse. But she escapes with the clothes on her back and nothing more, searching for safety and somewhere to stay.

Connor Kendall is looking forward to a quiet summer running his bed and breakfast, but when a barefoot Sophia turns up looking scared and with no bags, he takes her in despite concern she may have brought trouble with her. She’s hiding something, he’s sure, and yet he vows that nothing will harm her as long as she’s staying with him, but the promise might be harder to keep than he’d ever imagined.

Author Bio
An Amazon Bestselling author, Randi Everheart is an avid writer of romance, due in no small part to being a diehard romantic. After all, Randi once wrote a song for the object of a crush and penned a fifty page love letter for another! The same spirit now flows into these stories - hopefully to win your heart. Randi has a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar but has always been more of a rocker, having released several albums under another name. Tendonitis in both arms ended career plans in music, leading to a new career as a software developer. Today Randi co-owns a software consulting firm and lives in the Maryland suburbs north of D.C., is married, and loves spending time with son Ryan when not writing, playing guitar or golf, or writing smut.

As she stood sipping the drink and waiting for the microwave, two pieces of the shattered bowl behind her clinked together. She turned with a smile, thinking the cat was pawing at them, but then her mouth opened in a scream she didn’t have time to let out before a hand clamped over her mouth. The soda fell from her hand, spraying foam across the floor, as two men in black pants, shirts, and ski masks grabbed her while a third one, smaller than the other two, raised pepper spray.

“Don’t move!” the small one yelled in a high voice like a boy’s.

“Let go of me!” Sophia screamed, struggling, which caused the nails of one attacker to dig into her forearm painfully.

Another nuzzled her neck from behind, hot breath on her neck. “Never, Sophia. I’ll never let you go, now that I got you!”

She recognized that voice and asked in disbelief, “Seth?”

“That’s right, baby. You came home to me at last.”

“Oh, my God. You can’t be serious!”

“I love you, Sophia.”

His hot, wet lips pressed into the soft nape of her neck, the gentleness of his gesture at odds with the force he was using to hold her still. Her skin crawled.

“No, you don’t! You don’t even know me!”

“Oh, but I’ve been watching you for forever. I know everything about you.”

Trying to get away but only causing pain to shoot up her arms from their grip, she asked, “Then why can’t you tell I want nothing to do with you?”

Sniffing her neck, he asked, “Why don’t you stop fighting it and show me how you feel?”

A rush of frustration and adrenaline tore through her. “How’s this, asshole?” She stomped on his foot.

“Ow! Bitch!” He suddenly shoved her into the refrigerator, where she cracked her head on the freezer door handle.

Sophia fell to the floor, the blow rattling her skull and making her head spin, the alcohol worsening the effect. She hadn’t felt something like that since she’d fallen off her bike as a kid and struck her head on the pavement. Unaccustomed to the violence, she felt panic surging up. Seth wasn’t kidding about whatever he was doing. This was a dramatic escalation from anything he’d done before, and uncertainty about how far he’d go made her stomach twist.

“Don’t be so rough, Seth,” the tallest attacker pleaded. “You’re gonna hurt her.”

“Shut up!” Seth snarled. “And don’t tell me what to do.”

“Where ya gonna do it?” the other one, with the boyish voice, asked. “Her bed?”

“Do what?” Sophia asked faintly, dreading the answer. She tried to grab a shard of the broken bowl as she started to rise, but the boyish one kicked them away.

Seth leered at her and undid his belt buckle. “Consummate this love, baby.”

Sophia went cold.

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