Thursday, May 7, 2015

Devil's Redemption By Sirena Robinson Spotlight

Devil’s Redemption
The Chosen Chronicles #3

By Sirena Robinson

Post-Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Acquitted Books, LLC

Cover Artist: Heidi DeCausemaker

Release Date: April 1, 2015

Length: Novel / 334 pages


After successfully stopping the flood of demons from Hell onto Earth, the Chosen must now permanently re-form the Gates, a dangerous task that requires battling against Lucifer’s chosen warlock, Garrick, and his demonic master, Javal. In order to do this, they need a powerful witch of their own.
Aradia has always known she would be called through time to help foil Lucifer’s plan. After a harrowing escape from ancient Greece to present day Las Vegas, she is forced to contend with a new time, place, new people, and a powerful adversary in Garrick. With the addition of Aradia, the circle of six is complete and all must focus on the task at hand: stopping Lucifer.
As Aradia struggles to adjust to the new world, she also struggles with her overwhelming feelings for Gage Windsor, an ancient vampire with a tragic past. While Aradia and Gage feel their way through the emotions surrounding them, Alaria finds herself torn between Gabriel–who she has loved for millennia, but who betrays her trust–and her surprising new feelings for Braxton, who is still deeply grieving the death of Griffin.
When their quest to stop Garrick leads them back through time to the wonders of Atlantis, the six are forced to fight for their lives in a battle lost long ago. While struggling with their own demons, can the group come together to defeat their common enemy before Atlantis sinks, or will they join the city at the bottom of the ocean?

Other Books in the Chosen Chronicles 

Devil’s Dilemma 
Griffin Javensen was born to die—to save a world that sought to destroy her and for a God that had forsaken her.
Griffin is the Chosen, selected by an accident of birth to decide the fate of the entire human race. Heaven or Hell. God or Lucifer. Her duty is to offer her life as payment and her decision will determine the fate of humanity. As a reward, Griffin is able to ask one thing of either God or Lucifer as she Chooses, and they are not allowed to deny her.
In order to even the playing field, Griffin is tormented through ten events granted to Alaria, a Devil with one foot in Hell and the other in Heaven. Alaria’s job is to convince Griffin that God has abandoned her. If she can do that, there’s a good chance Griffin will Choose Hell and demons will get to rule the world. There’s only one problem: Alaria wants what only God can give, and what only Griffin can ask for: humanity.
Assigned to protect her are Braxton—a rough and tumble Warrior with a chip on his shoulder, who has been having visions of Griffin since he was four years old—and Gabriel—an Archangel determined to save the world, desperately in love with the one woman he should never have, and torn between playing by the rules and doing what is right. There is only one goal—survive to January 1st.
As midnight rushes closer and the battle escalates, the question becomes not whether Griffin will Choose, but whether anyone else will survive to see dawn.

Devil’s Despair
"Heaven take me home." The Choosing of was supposed to be the end. Griffin's gone, but the world she died to save is quickly crumbling. As Lucifer's plan to escape Hell comes closer to fruition, Gabriel is forced to act to stop him, reaching across time and space to bring together those who can fight for Heaven, and for humanity. He brings forth Greer Dawson and Damon Mackenzie, two soldiers with supernatural talents, from a future where Lucifer rules and humans are little more than hosts for demons. Forced by Gabriel to work with an ex-Devil, a reluctant Warrior, a mysterious Witch, and a vampire, Damon and Greer are thrown into a fight for more than their lives. It's a fight between Heaven and Hell, and Earth is the battleground.

About the Author:
Sirena N. Robinson has been writing since she was ten years old and cast her 5th grade teacher as a villain in a series of short stories. She continued to write through high school and pursued a Minor in English Literature from The Ohio State University, graduating in 2008 with Bachelor's Degrees in Political Science and International Relations. She received her Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School in 2011 and passed the Ohio bar that July. She will receive her Master's Degree in Social Work from Ohio University in 2014. When not writing, Sirena is pursuing a career as an attorney in private practice in Jackson, Ohio where she predominantly works in the Juvenile Court as an appointed lawyer in child welfare cases. She lives in the sleepy Appalachian town of Jackson with her husband, daughter, and their menagerie of dogs and cats. She has a flair for the paranormal, discusses her characters as if they are real people, and is at the mercy of the army of plot bunnies that constantly fight to get out of her head and onto paper.

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