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The MCB Quarterly Blog Tour and Giveaway

Book Name: The MCB Quarterly, Volume 1

Author Name: Mischief Corner Books

Release Date: April 30, 2015

Pages or Words: 33,200 words

Categories: Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay fiction, Horror, Lesbian romance, M/M romance, Romance, Transexual- (Please remember that not all stories will contain all elements listed.)

Publisher: Mischief Corner Books

Cover Artist: Freddy MacKay

Blurb: The Quarterly is an eMagazine of LGBTQ fiction - of all kinds. This volume features four short stories: Facsimile by Mina MacLeod, Leash on Love by Beany Sparks, Man of the House by Brigid Collins, and Avalon by J. Scott Coatsworth. It also includes an Author Interview with Lexi Ander, talking about writing gay science fiction, and a Featured Artist section about the multitalented Catherine Dair. And our very own Angel Martinez offers an Op-Ed on "When is an Author not an Author?"

Avalon by J. Scott Coatsworth
Tony wheeled the chair down the long ramp to the beach, hoping it wasn't too hot or too cold for Jake's skin.
The day itself was wonderful, the clearest in weeks, and the Pacific Ocean waves pounded the beach in a steady, soothing rhythm that he hoped even Jake could hear.
Soon they were on level ground, negotiating the boardwalk that ran up and down this part of the beach. Jake had a sloppy smile on his face.
Tony smiled to himself. There were so few pleasures he could give Jake anymore. The man deserved so much more than this.
He reached forward to wipe the drool from the side of Jake's cheek. "It's a lovely day out, isn't it, Jake?"
His lover didn't respond, but only stared ahead, smiling.
There were still periods of lucidity, to be sure, but they were farther and farther apart. Sometimes Tony wished that Jake would finally succumb to the growth in his head and be at peace. But only sometimes.
More often, he treasured the time they still had together and remembered the strong, vital man Jake had been when they'd first met.
For just a moment, the rest of the world faded away, and they were alone together on a quiet, windswept beach. Tony breathed in deeply, savoring the pure sweetness of the salty ocean air, the wash of clean colors that assaulted his vision.
He glanced up at the road above, only to find it was gone. There were no other people on the bluff, no buildings, nothing. They were alone, really alone, in this little corner of the world.
Tony shook his head to dispel the vision. It was the late nights, he thought, the lack of sleep that led to these strange imaginations.
A hand came down on his shoulder. Hard. And suddenly they were back among the bustle of a thousand other people.

Facsimile by Mina MacLeod
The night President Carnot is assassinated, Monique Chambly is nestled in a chair in her sitting room with a blanket wrapped around her legs. The fire is crackling, and her tea is hot. It smells of cinnamon and spice; the scent brings familiarity and comfort, but Monique cannot remember why. She remembers very little these days.
She's staring at the amber softgel capsules, debating whether the pain is bad enough to warrant them. The phonograph is warbling Mozart. She has always adored Mozart. At least, she's fairly certain she has.
Outside their Montmartre estate, the rain comes down upon the city, heavy and unforgiving. Thunder rolls across the sky and lightning rips through the clouds, illuminating the streets. It is a cold, terrible night to be outside.
Her joints ache. Monique winces and reaches for the capsules. Her muscles feel like they are being pulled from her bones. She manages to swallow the medication, wincing as it slides down her dry throat. Monique grabs the tea and takes a generous gulp, though her tongue protests the sting of heat. She lolls her head until her chin sits upon her chest. Dark ringlets of hair shift to hide her face. Her head feels heavy, so heavy—as though her neck isn't strong enough to hold it up.
The next clap of thunder startles her; it cracks the sky in twain with its severity. The arc lamps in their home flicker. Monique is huddled there, curled in on herself, when Elvire finds her.
"Monique, my darling," she says, kneeling before the chair. "Whatever are you doing awake?" She reaches out, brushing aside the curtain of Monique's hair.
Dr. Elvire Mazet is a tall, wiry creature. Yet here she is, folded up neatly at Monique's feet. Her dark eyes are wide with concern behind her wire-rimmed spectacles. She is still wearing her lab coat. Its immaculate whiteness has long since been stained with evidence of various experiments. A pair of safety goggles is holding her short red hair out of her face. Monique wonders idly what Elvire has been up to down in her lab. Normally, Elvire leaves all of her clothing and equipment downstairs.
Thunder rumbles through the sky yet again, and Monique shudders. "Am I—am I afraid of storms? I don't…remember."

Leash on Love by Beany Sparks
There he is again.
Matty noticed the man exit the gym as he'd done numerous times over the past few months. The gym was only a few doors down from the veterinary practice where Matty came to help out his cousin Robert when he wasn't at uni.
Every day after his classes finished, he'd pop down to the practice and walk the dogs that were in doggy day care. Some days he'd finish earlier than others, so he didn't always walk the dogs at the same time, but on the days that he walked the dogs later, he'd leave around the same time as the guy left the gym.
He'd noticed gym-guy after the first few visits to his cousin's vet practice. There was nothing outrageous about the man. He had light brown hair and muscles that were obviously from his time spent at the gym, but not that of a hard-core body builder. Something about him had caught Matty's eye, but he couldn't pinpoint what it was. He looked forward to seeing him, but he hadn't gotten up the courage to say anything to him, let alone get caught watching him. Even now he was practically hiding behind his car, pretending to be looking for his keys.
"Hey, Matty!"
Matty turned to see Ronnie, or Veronica as her name badge indicated, coming towards him. Ronnie had been his best friend for years, which worked out well when she married his cousin. While Robert was a vet, Ronnie was a dentist who conveniently worked in the building opposite the vet practice. The only thing separating the buildings was the numerous parking spaces in between.
"Hey, Ronnie. What's been happening?" Matty asked as he walked up to her and gave her a hug, which she happily returned.
"Oh you know, same old, same old." She moved back a step and leaned against his car. "How are things with you?"

Man of the House by Brigid Collins
Some inconsiderate ass-dick had hit a skunk on the road out front of our house.
The God-awful stench woke me before my alarm, which I suppose I could have chosen to see as a blessing. For some reason, all I could focus on was the way skunk scent stuck in the back of my throat. Lucky I wasn’t much of a breakfaster.
God, it was bad. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, but the darkness of pre-six o-fuckin’-clock in the morning pressed against my lids. That and the soft warmth of my bed whispered to me, urging me to roll over, press my face into the pillow, and pretend the dead critter out there was a squirrel. Those little bastard thieves deserved to get hit, and they didn’t stink up the neighborhood when they died.
But rolling over and pretending wasn’t what the man of the fucking house would do. I didn’t even have to go through my usual cycle of “what would Dad do” to know that. A man did what needed to be done, and that was that. No use bitching about it now, either. Dad was gone, and there was no getting him back. Someone still had to do the stuff that needed done, and I figured out months back that it wasn’t going to be Derrik.
I flopped my arm out from the blankets and around my nightstand until I managed to get my finger on the alarm switch. That taken care of, I sat up and cracked my eyes open. A red 5:23 burned out of the shadows of my room, and I groaned.
Look on the bright side, this gives you time to deal with the skunk without making you late for school. 

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1. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

In mainstream sci fi, I LOVE Sheri Tepper. She writes speculative sci fi that always leaves me thinking afterward, often for weeks. Read her book Beauty - it will blow your mind.
In MM, I love Angel Martinez. I’m still getting started reading LGBT sci fi, etc, but her characters are fascinating. I want a Sumi for myself! I also adore Jamie Fessenden.

2. Let’s talk about you Give us five facts about yourself that you have never told your fans before.

  1. I am addicted to sugar. Seriously. I don’t drink or smoke or take drugs, but put a box of Thin Mints or a mint Frappucino in front of me and I’m yours.
  2.  I was first published in 1988 - as part of a nonfiction book for teens and parents we started in school in my Junior year of high school. But I didn’t get my first fiction publication until BG Thomas plucked me from obscurity last year for the anthology A Taste of Honey.
  3. I am also addicted to the TV anime series Robotech, and own every episode on DVD.
  4. Wait, I have fans?
  5. My story in the very first MCB Quarterly, Avalon, was inspired in part by my husband Marco’s loss of his partner before me to AIDS.
3. If you were not a writer what else would you like to have done?

I always wanted to be an astronomer - I’m fascinated by outer space. But then I realized how much math was involved...

4. When and why did you begin writing?

When I was in fourth grade. My mom started me on the Lord of the Rings in second grade, and I finished them within the year. In fourth grade, I wrote and illustrated a sci fi story for a University of Arizona contest, and won! It’d been bitten by the bug.

5. What book are you reading now?

The Caphenon, by Fletcher DeLancey… it’s a true sci fi LGBT book, and Fletcher is awesome. She’s a mac user, too.:P
6. What’s the hardest part of writing your books?

Simply finding the time. My husband and I run our own full-time plus business, we study Italian, I run the blog. And I try to sleep occasionally. Which leaves me an hour and a half a day to write, if I’m lucky.

7. Do you have any advice for other writers?

Do it for yourself and write what you want to write - don’t get in it for the money. Do it because you want to. Because you have to. Because the stories cram your brain and keep you up at night if you don’t. And then if you make a living at it, thank your lucky stars.
8. Is there a “must have” in your work space with you while writing,.. like maybe some candy or a mug of hot coffee??

Hmmm… a tall glass of Starbucks Zen green tea. And something sweet doesn’t hurt. *grin*

9. Can you tell us about some current projects you are working on, or maybe a future work in progress?

I just finished a novella about a virus that gets out of control, and am debating whether to extend it into novel length.
I also have a sci fi trilogy on the back burner.
I recently finished two novellas by invitation for two future anthologies, and have two more novellas due out in June. MCB also has a couple more stories from me in the queue.

About the author:
Mischief Corner Books is an organization of superheroes... no, it's a platinum-album techno-fusion, hold on a sec here...
Ah, yes. Mischief Corner is a diverse group of authors who met on a mountain in Tennessee and decided since we probably were too easily distracted to rule the world that we'd settle for causing a bit of mayhem instead.
In addition to making mayhem, we publish books with a diverse range of genres and topics... we live to break molds.
MCB. Giving voice to LGBTQ fiction.

Where to find the author: Facebook ~ Facebook Group ~ Twitter ~ Website & Store

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