Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Book Name: Dark Summoner

Series: Relic Keeper, Book 1

Author's Name: D.D. Miers
Main Characters: Abby and Kieron

Release Date: May5, 2015

Reviewed by: Shonna   

My Rating: 5

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BLURB:  "Looking at him made me desire things I never thought I would want." 
Abby Davenport has spent the last ten years forgetting her past until a fateful night reveals her false reality. Thrust into a new world of dark sorcery and ancient magic, she’s shocked to discover her destiny lies as the keeper of a powerful relic. Now everyone wants to control, own, or destroy her. No longer able to discern truth from lie, she’s torn between a charming guardian and a mysterious summoner. Abby finds herself strangely drawn to each man—one sworn to protect and one who calls to her soul. Can she survive the strange and dangerous labyrinth of the first realm, where every move, emotion, and reaction must be a calculated one?

 Jumping off the writers high dive and splashing head first into the publishing world with this story,.. this author has scored high with this judge for her ability to write a new and fantastic book. BAM!!! Captivating with some intriguing characters that have you questioning which side of the fence they stand on. The storyline was mesmerizing and had me completely under it’s spell. Danger, excitement, passion, and turmoil are just a few of the words that can be used to describe what fills the pages of this read. Several times I was left dangling by the author since she has chose to not give out to much information at one time (which only makes me crazy wanting answers). LOL! Who can be trusted? Who are not what they seem? What do they want for themselves?

Yanked from her world, Abby has been deemed the Keeper of the Relic. Taken to the realm of Veiyhlan, it is believed that she is the one to save the worlds from the Black Walker. Told she must embrace her destiny, and show the Dark Summoner (Kieron) the way, Abby makes the promise to do it even though she doesn’t know if she can. Her feelings and emotions divided and uncertain she comes to realization that she must find determination to take control and be ready when the moment comes.
The last page leaves you hanging while throwing your arms in the air yelling “No, No, I need more”. You can be sure I will be bugging Ms. Miers with emails hounding her to get the second installment rolling. I have no doubt this author will grow quickly. I don’t do this often with new authors but this time, it is a give. I highly recommend her and her new book DARK SUMMONER.

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