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For the Love of Matty by Johanna Riley

Book Name: For the Love of Matty

Series: The Flower Basket Series

Author's Name: Johanna Riley

Genre: M/F- Sweet Contemporary Romance

Main Characters: Kevin and Kristen

Release Date: May 27, 2015

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Blurb: Grief over the death of a beloved cousin deepens to shock when Kristen Delmont is given custody of her cousin’s four-week-old son, Matty. When the birth certificate reveals Matty's father is none other than her sexy next-door neighbor, she is torn. Should she hand over the infant to his father and walk away, or should she honor her cousin's wishes and raise the baby as her own?

The more he behaves as a playboy, the more Kevin Grady wants a family of his own. The beautiful realtor next door and her “inherited” baby seem like the perfect opportunity. The startling discovery that her baby is his couples disbelief with anger, and he storms off with his son.

Two people, one dream. Will Matty be the glue that keeps them together, or will a heart be shattered forever?

Kristen smoothed invisible wrinkles from her black knee-length dress, a worried frown creasing her forehead.
Kevin bit back a smile as she turned her nervous attention to Matty, fussing with his blanket, making sure the pacifier was within easy reach. “What are you so rattled for?” He took her hand and held it secure against his thigh to still her fidgeting. Color tinged her cheeks a delectable shade of pink.
“I told you, I don’t like weddings. They make me uneasy.”
He chuckled. “You don’t have to worry. No one is making you walk down the aisle tonight.”
“No, not tonight.” She relaxed and smiled. “Thank you again for the flowers,” she said. “Did I tell you how handsome you look?”
The compliment warmed him. “Thanks. I have stiff competition,” he teased, looking down at Matty. She’d dressed the little guy in an onesie decorated to look like a suit. Right now, the kid was sleeping peacefully and Kevin was envious. The week had been crazy busy, like every child in Almendra had been through his office with the flu or nasty colds. The flu bug had spread rampant through the school system and after treating dozens of kids this week, he was exhausted.
Todd appeared at his elbow. “Time to start.”
Kevin nodded then turned his attention back to Kristen. “You gonna be okay without me?”
She rolled her eyes. “Oh, for heaven’s sake. Yes. Go.” She shoved him playfully.
Grinning, he followed Todd to the front of the church and took his place. His best friend smiled and jerked his head in Kristen’s direction. “So, you finally convinced her to go out with you? She’s hot.”
Kevin raised an eyebrow at his best friend. “Dude, you’re getting married. You aren’t supposed to be checking out other women.”
“Bro code says I must check out and approve my best friend’s dates.” He elbowed Kevin in the ribs, grinning. “After all, isn’t that what you did for me and Shelby?”
The man had a point. Kevin snorted. “Whatever.”
The music cue signaled Shelby’s grand entrance. The double doors opened and she stepped forward, a vision in ivory lace. Her gaze locked on Todd, and Kevin couldn’t help but smile. His two best friends were so in love, and he was happy for them. He cast his gaze toward Kristen and they shared a smile. Maybe he was well on the way to finding his own happily ever after, complete with baby.

Meet Kevin Grady: 

Kevin Grady is a top pediatric surgeon, born and raised in Almendra, California. He's 6'3", and while he has a family he counts his two best friends--Todd and Shelby (from my story Made to Order)--as more family than his blood relatives.

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