Monday, July 27, 2015

FORBIDDEN HUNGER by Teresa Gabelman

Book Name: Forbidden Hunger

Series: Lee Count Wolves #1

Author's Name: Teresa Gabelman 

Main Characters: Jenna and Garrett

Release Date: June 17, 2015

Reviewed by: Shonna 

My Rating: 4.5 stars 

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BLURB: A shifter without a pack, Janna Lawson goes in search of the man who her mother died trying to protect. What she finds is Garrett Foster, a man who has the power to decide her fate and causes a hunger inside her that is forbidden to them both.

Review: A captivating beginning, this new series has what it takes. Danger, excitement, humor, and some eyebrow raising hot passion are just a few of the words that describe this sure hit read. I really enjoyed Jenna and her strong, spit-fire characteristics. A hybrid that knows nothing about her wolf half, Jenna goes in search of the father she never knew when her human mother is murdered. Her little six year old side-kick, Sam is adorable and adds a delightful spark to the story. So many of the sub characters have my full attention and I know I will be first in line when any of their stories are written. There are a few questions that were not answered that I am chomping at the bit to know more about. The biggest one is about Sam and Leda’s parents. What happened to them to ultimately cause these two kids to cross paths with Jenna?
Now, about Garrett Foster (fanning myself in this suddenly non air conditioned room).  He is handsome and tall, with golden eyes and the strength a true alpha must possess, both physically and mentally. Dealing with a hellcat like Jenna won’t be easy, and as her wolf calls out to him, he knows she is the one. He will protect his pack with everything he has, as well as the woman that is his, while the enemy threatens,.. with the Reaping.


  1. Love this book ! Teresa Gabelman is amazing!

  2. Great book! I'd read a warning label if Teresa wrote it! She is truly an amazing gifted writer.

  3. Love her books....haven't read this one yet