Friday, July 3, 2015

TRUST by Ella Frank

Book Name: TRUST

Series: Temptation #3

Author's Name: Ella Frank

Genre: M/M- Contemporary Romance

Main Characters: Logan and Tate

Release Date: May 2, 2015

Book Provided by: ARC by author

Reviewed by: Wendy

My Rating: 5 stars

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TRUST – verb: to believe in the reliability, truth, or strength of another.
Up until now, Logan Mitchell has never had much of a reason to trust anyone.
Having struggled with a self-identity crisis throughout college, he’s spent the years since then creating a sophisticated facade to present to the world.
It’s an armor he thought was impenetrable—until he met Tate Morrison.
The gorgeous, headstrong bartender he’d sat across from only months ago has taken a tight hold of his heart, and Logan is discovering that it’s time to let go.
It’s time to let someone inside.

After years of placing his dreams on hold for his family, Tate has finally chosen to do what makes him happy and follow his heart.
The one thing he never would’ve imagined was that it would lead him into the arms of a man—and not just any man—the striking, never-takes-no-for-an-answer Logan Mitchell.
Tate has fallen hard, and as his world is turned on its axis and they move forward together, he finds his life becoming more entwined with the confident, successful lawyer.

Even though neither man expected the other, it’s time to trust in their relationship—but not everything comes so easily…

ONLY three books, that is all we get with Tate and Logan. I don't think I have every wanted more of books with two characters than these two. Since I started reading M/M genre the GFY (gay for you) books have been my favorite and Ella Frank knows how to write a great GFY story. From the first time Logan sees Tate he knows he wants him in his bed but he never thought long term, especially since he doesn't do relationships. Tate sees Logan as just another costumer hitting on him and sees nothing wrong with flirting for a bigger tip. Through weeks and months of ups and downs both realize they each need and want something from the other. 
To truly find the person you want to spend your life with no matter their gender is a wonderful thing and Ella Frank goes above and beyond telling a fantastic journey for these two men. Loved every single minute of all three books. 
(My ideal Logan and Tate- We do NOT and never will own either picture and there is no copyright infringement applied)

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