Monday, August 3, 2015

Compromising Positions a Highland Wolf Pact book by by Selena Kitt

Book Name: Compromising Positions

Series: Highland Wolf Pact #2

Author's Name: Selena Kitt

Genre: Paranormal Romance- F/M

Main Characters: Kirstin and Donal

Release Date: June 2, 2015

Book Provided by: Amazon purchase

Reviewed by: LT

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Blurb: K
irstin has never been out of her den before, but now one of her pack is seriously injured—-he may even be dying. Desperate to help, she races straight to Middle March, the borderland between Scotland and England, and falls right into the dangerous hands of Scottish rebels.
As the new laird of his clan, Donal MacFalon has made it clear that he, unlike his brother before him, will honor the Wolf Pact, an agreement their father made with England's King Henry VII to protect Scotland's wolf shifters, the wulvers, who most believe to be only the stuff of legend.
Wulvers, though, are very real. Kirstin knows. She’s one of them.
When Donal MacFalon turns those steel blue-grey eyes her way, she realizes she’s facing something far more dangerous in this man than the rebels who were trying to kill her.
This man, already promised to another, has a power over her no man or wulver has ever had before. When he opens his castle and his heart to her, she finds herself willing to risk not only her own heart, but everything she’s ever known, just to be with him.
Kirstin will find herself caught-—between the man she loves and his intended bride, between her pack and a human world frightened of her kind, between nations whose hatred runs deep.
Kirstin will find herself forced to make choices no woman, or wulver, should ever have to make. All for one man, whose love goes beyond borders, nations, or legends, whose heart beats only for her.

Review: Caught between two worlds... one human, one wulver, but true mates never the less. Donal is the new laird in Scotland after his evil older brother was killed after trying to kill the Wulvers in which they had a Wolf pact with, (meaning no war between them). When his brother died he told them that the King of England wanted him to do it. The King denied it, until Kristen over heard the King's men admit he really did want to kill the Wulvers. Kristen is torn between between wanting to be with her true mate and saving her people. She decides she can save both by bringing them all together. But will they be able to work together against 
not only the King but the King's men who have their own ideas from the Crown. I enjoyed this series greatly and look forward to the next book.

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