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Charmed in Paradise Trilogy Box Set by Sara McBride Blog Tour

Title: Charmed in Paradise

Author: Sara McBride

Genre: Paranormal Romance

She's curvy, sexy, and magically irresistible.

For the first time in her life, Tara is questioning her curves. Her fiancĂ© left her for some skinny bitch, and her self-esteem has been torn apart. Only a trip to the tropical paradise island of Barbados can repair her damaged life…

After a freak accident, Tara inherits a strange ability: she's now virtually irresistible to men! When mega-sexy, mega-millionaire football star Troy Schell shows interest, Tara thinks her luck is finally changing. An evil billionaire wizard has other plans. He'll do whatever it takes to get her power, and it's up to Tara and her friends to prevent the apocalypse.

The Charmed in Paradise Trilogy contains the first three books in the Charmed in Paradise paranormal romance adventure saga. If you like steamy romance, sizzling sex, supernatural adventure, evil billionaires, and hot, curvy BBWs, then you'll love every tantalizing page of Sara McBride's electrifying box set.

Buy the box set today to start your new BBW billionaire romance obsession! 

Author Bio
When a life-changing injury forced her to give up a successful career as a personal trainer, Sara McBride did what any girl with the gift for gab and a typing speed that is freakishly fast would do—become a paranormal BBW erotic romance writer. Long frustrated with the fitness industry’s lack of acceptance that many people naturally have a body mass index above the “normal” range, she has always championed acceptance and wellness for all—not just those crazy people who love to exercise. Viva la BBW! A lifelong reader of fantasy and paranormal fiction, Sara lives with her very patient husband and two small children who now begin every sentence with “As soon as you’re finished writing that chapter, could we….” Her license plate holder reads “My other car is a broom.” This is her first work of fiction.

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Book Excerpts
Excerpt #1: The Awakening of Tara

They had a bit of a late start because something had come up at Tara’s office, then traffic getting out of the city had been Friday-heavy; and that was before three car pileup at the junction of the I-43 and 141.
Now they were driving in the dark through this sparsely populated part of the state. The headlights of her Audi A6 cut sharply through the deep Wisconsin darkness. At least one thing had gone right: they had gotten lucky with the weather. While it was cold, it hadn’t snowed that day and according to the weatherman it wasn’t supposed to until the next morning. Tara wanted to get up to Iron Mountain before it got late and she really wanted to let those horses run, but driving too fast at this time of night on this road would be dangerous. You never knew when a deer might bolt from the trees and across the highway. An encounter like that could wreck your car and your weekend and this one had already started out badly, so she backed off the gas pedal just a little.
Ever since they had left Green Bay, Richard had been strangely quiet. Tara had tried to engage him in small talk, asking him how work was going and whom did he think his favorite football team was going to draft this spring. She even pulled out her ace-in-the-hole and brought up the big news of the day about the team signing a mega million-dollar multi-year contract with his favorite player, Troy Schell.
Not that Tara really cared much about football, but Richard did, so she tried to keep up with what was happening with his team and his favorite players. But he had been quiet, spending most of his time looking at his phone or staring out the car window, his mind off somewhere in his own world.
A voice deep inside her said something’s wrong. Can’t you feel it?
No, what she and Richard needed, thought Tara, was a weekend of snowboarding, snow shoeing and hot sex at the closest thing to a mountain resort the upper Midwest had to offer, which is why she had booked a romantic cabin at Iron Mountain.
Things had been difficult between them lately and she knew she was mostly to blame. She had been spending a lot of time at work—a ridiculous amount, truth be told, and although they lived together they barely saw each other anymore. It had been weeks since they’d made love and Tara was feeling pent up; this weekend she was determined to rock her fiancĂ©’s world and remind him of why he had liked it enough to put a ring on it.
In fact, she had a plan. While their sex life had been pretty boring lately, Tara was planning some surprises for her man this weekend that would make up for how stale things had become. In her suitcase were a cute little French maid costume and a naughty nurse uniform she had found at the lingerie boutique on 27th street. She was also betting that Richard would get a kick out of the strawberry-flavored lube she had found. Yes, this was going to be a weekend to remember. Tara had no idea how right she was.
By the time they reached Iron Mountain and found the cabin it was almost nine o’clock. Tara pulled the Audi off the paved road and navigated up the dark, rutted tree lined drive and into the small space beside the cozy-looking log cabin she had rented online.
She had chosen this particular place because it had looked rustic on the outside but well-appointed on the inside, including a full kitchen, living room with satellite TV and a king size bed with an elaborate iron headboard—the perfect attachment spot for the leopard-print fur-lined handcuffs. Yep, it was going to feel really good to be so bad.
Tara shifted the car into park and got out, stretching luxuriously. The cold air hit her like a bracing slap on her cheeks and the smell of pine trees was almost overpowering. The transition from the warmth of the car and lingering smells of the city to the cold country air threw her into sensory overload. She shook her head and stepped onto the front porch, where the owners had said the key would be concealed under the garden gnome beside the stairs. She retrieved the key and headed over to unlock the front door while Richard pulled their bags from the trunk. Her plan had been to attack the man as soon as they were inside. Literally ravage him right after they got inside and closed the door, hell, maybe even before they shut the door!
But that plan had gone right out the window as Richard had brushed right past her with the bags before she could even get her hands on him. He flipped on the living room lights and headed directly to the bedroom with their luggage. When he reached the bedroom he dropped the bags on the floor and flicked on the bedside lamp, leaving Tara standing in the doorway.
The voice in her head spoke up again. Why the walls? And he’s just so cold…You’re NOT listening!
Undeterred, she followed him into the bedroom and he was already opening dresser drawers preparing to unpack their bags when she turned him towards her and wrapped her arms around him. She reached around behind him and grasped his firm ass and pressed her hips into him.
Tara tilted her head, bit her lip and whispered, “Hey big guy, do you think you could help a girl out? I’m feeling a little… anxious…if you know what I mean.” Then she traced her lips teasingly across his.
At first he tentatively returned the kiss but as her tongue became more insistent, she felt his cock begin to stiffen in his jeans, pressing firmly against her leg and his kisses became more intense. She ran her hands along his chest and shoulders and peeled off his thick down ski jacket leaving him in just a blue and green flannel shirt and a pair of weathered jeans that fit his narrow hips perfectly.
His hands slid down to her plump buttocks drawing her against him as he pulled his mouth away from hers and began to kiss gently along her jawline making his way to an earlobe which he knew from years of experience was ever-so-sensitive. She shivered as she felt her nipples stiffen and press against the silky fabric of her bra. Then to her complete surprise he sunk his teeth into her earlobe which sent an electric current directly to sex. Knees buckling, she would have fallen had he not held on firmly to her backside, pulling her even closer to him and grinding his now fully erect cock hard into her leg.

Excerpt #2: The Temptation of Tara
Tara strolled into the warm Caribbean water feeling like a supermodel. This is what it must feel like to be one of those girls in a magazine, she thought, totally naked and not a shred of self consciousness. She replayed all those years of turning off the lights before getting undressed with Richard and giggled. The warm water lapped at her knees, then splashed higher around her thighs. Troy was up ahead playing in the waves like a little kid. When the water was waist deep, Tara dove forward and began to swim toward him using one arm to propel herself, the other hand clasping the pendant firmly. The old Tara would never have dove into the water; she would have been afraid her makeup would streak or her hair might look strange if it got wet. But the Tara now holding the pendant didn’t care about any of those things. She swam to Troy, coming out of the water beside him like a mermaid. “Hi,” she whispered. Troy turned and greeted her “Hey, you changed your mind!” Tara gave him her twenty-four-carat smile then added some come-fuck-me to it. Troy’s eyes grew wide and the boyish grin fell off his face, replaced by a look of unabashed animal hunger. “My God you’re beautiful,” he said, his eyes roving from her hair to her face to her bare breasts. Tara leaned forward and kissed him hard, and in that moment, released all her pent up sexual tension from the last year, released all her anger at Richard, all her frustration with work and life in general, and a felt the awakening of a deep need she couldn’t quite describe. His mouth tasted salty and sweet, and his lips felt firm and hot against hers. There was nothing gentle or tender about their kiss. The shrinking violet became the lioness, hungry and demanding. Tara pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, exploring, and Troy returned her intensity with his own deep hunger, his insistent tongue in a dance with hers, igniting a fire between her thighs. She let go of the pendant and reached her arms around his waist, took his perfect backside in her hands and pulled herself to him; felt a thrill of heat in her sex as his cock began to harden against her belly. Troy reached back and grasped her bottom in his huge hands, kneading urgently as he lifted her cheeks and pulled them apart. Tara felt a pang of insecurity but she reached up and squeezed the glowing stone for a second and immediately felt her doubt evaporate. Troy couldn’t get enough of her big ass and all its curves and fullness; seemed eager to possess it. The thought made her pussy flush with heat. She felt his erection stiffen and lengthen as it pressed persistently against her stomach. He ran a finger up her spine and planted soft kisses along her neck, sampling her honey- colored skin with his insistent tongue. Goosebumps spread across Tara’s flesh like flames on a pool of gasoline. A low guttural growl escaped her throat as her excitement began to build. Troy’s hungry mouth made its way from her neck down her shoulder then back up again where he found an earlobe and began to tug at it with his teeth. Tara moaned and pressed her cheek against his face; allowed herself to sink into the sensation as he possessed her…

Excerpt #3: The Redemption of Tara
Tara slid the electronic key into the slot and slipped in the hotel room door.
“Sophie, are you here?” Tara asked, but the room was silent. She went to the closet to hang up her dress, but when she swung open the door her stomach sank. All the clothes in the closet were pushed to one side, hers and Sophie’s clothes all bunched together. When they’d left last night it hadn’t been like that.
“Someone’s been in our room,” Tara whispered to no one in particular. The voice said “Next time you leave the room, protect it with your magic.”
Tara felt frustration begin to build. “I’m not a witch and I don’t know how to cast spells!” She said bluntly.
In a clear, forceful tone the voice said, “You are a powerful witch! Only lesser witches who are not descendants need to cast spells for simple magic. We work together, you need only to focus on the task that needs to be done and together we make it happen. Remember, I am free!”
“What do you mean, focus on the task at hand?” Tara asked.
“If you want to open the front door from where you stand, then focus on the door and tell it to open.” The voice said.
Tara turned and looked at the door, bringing all of her awareness to it. Without thinking she reached out as if to turn the knob on the door.
“Open.” She said firmly. Suddenly the door swung wide, whipping inward with such force it smashed into the wall behind it, sending tremors through the entire room.
There, standing in the open doorway was an astonished Sophie in an oversized white robe, key in hand and last night’s little black dress draped over her arm.
Sophie stared at Tara who was standing on the other side of the room.
“Did you do that?” Sophie asked, wide-eyed.
Tara looked just as shocked as Sophie. “Yeah, I think I did.”
“With my magic.” Tara answered quietly. Sophie’s eyes got big and she bounded in the door and slammed it behind her, shaking the room all over again. “Cool! Can you show me how?”
Tara explained what the voice said, and after several unsuccessful attempts of her own, Sophie threw her dress on the bed dejectedly. “This is totally unfair! Show me how you do it!”
Tara focused on the top drawer of the dresser across the room. The voice spoke up. “This time, try not to focus quite so intensely. Visualize the drawer opening slowly.” Tara did as the voice instructed and said, “Open.” The drawer glided open.
Sophie went over and looked in the drawer.
“Totally awesome!” She grinned, but then wrinkled her brow. “Hey did you go through my drawer? My stuff’s been rummaged through.”
Tara brought Sophie up to speed. She went on to explain what the voice had told her the previous night about Blake and his entourage, as well as Blake’s unnatural fascination with their jewelry and her suspicions about being followed.
Sophie listened intently, and then was quiet for several minutes.
“Any of this seem weird to you?—I mean besides the parts about being magically irresistible, being able to read minds and moving shit around without touching it—if this Blake guy is so rich and is a super powerful wizard, why does he have such a hard-on for these little trinkets of ours?”
It was the same question Tara had been asking herself. “I think there must be more of these things out there. Think about it, what if there were ten or twenty of these things and you could combine their power?”
Sophie thought for a second. “I guess if you knew what you were doing it could be like a magical nuclear bomb, the ultimate power.”
Tara hesitated. “Maybe not so much a bomb as a nuclear business tool; how valuable would it be if you could read your competition’s mind from a distance, or make your product irresistible to everyone? It seems to me that would be worth a lot, especially if you’re able to spread those powers out among lots of people for maximum effect.”
Sophie contemplated that for a moment. “Holy shit! That could be worth billions. You could steal corporate secrets, put your competition out of business and create products that people had no choice but to buy. And that’s just with the talisman we have!”
Tara’s blood turned to ice. She had seen how cutthroat the business world could be, and when big money was on the table, morals and ethics pretty much went out the window.
When Zwena said she saw dark times ahead she hadn’t been kidding.
“Sophie, we need to be really careful today. Careful about what we say, and careful about what we do.” She looked into her friend’s eyes to impress on her how serious she was. “We need to be vigilant, smart, and protect both our talismans—and our friends—okay?”

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