Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cover Reveal -- Love Resurrected by Austyn Sherrie @austynsherrie @RMsotera

by Austyn Sherrie

Parker Davenport is the best actor in Broadway Theater. Although he’s achieved golden status as the romantic lead in various productions, he still aches for the woman he left standing at the altar eleven-years earlier. He accepts the lead role in a well-known revival as a way of winning back Julia Sloan’s heart.
Julia Sloan is an actress with the voice of an angel with a reputation for giving an emotional performance that leaves not a dry eye in its wake. She jumps at the opportunity to work with a famous director as a lead vocalist in a play. A barrage of emotional turmoil breaks loose when she discovers the man who failed to appear on their wedding day is the lead actor. Will she open herself to this second chance at love?

Release date Coming Soon

About the author:
Austyn Sherrie is the sweeter side of RM Sotera. Wow…what does that mean? For a strict Catholic girl growing up in the Northeast romance novels were not something she had readily available to her. The Bible, yes. Bodice Ripper novels. No. Needless to say, steamy romance novels didn’t exist in her world. Well, at least until her college years. It only took one Harlequin romance to jump-start her love of this form of writing. Thus she read everything she could get her hands on, finally deciding that something deep down inside of her wanted to write these same stories. Fast forward many years and the steamy writing of RM Sotera laid its foundation on the world. A few years later, and the sweet and sensual writings of Austyn Sherrie blossomed. One Woman, Two alter egos, Lots of writing!
When Austyn/RM isn’t busy penning a new story you can find her spending time with her husband, teenage son, and cat named Dracula.

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