Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MOONLIGHT, Big Bad wolf by Victoria Danann

Book Name: Moonlight, The Big Bad Wolf

Series: Knights of Black Swan #4

Author's Name: Victoria Danann

Genre: M/F- Paranormal Romance

Main Characters: Stalkson and Luna

Release Date: April 27, 2013

Book Provided by: Amazon purchase

Reviewed by: LT

My Rating: 4 stars

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Blurb: The sexy, but ill-humored werewolf king, Stalkson Grey, embarks on an epic adventure beyond his wildest dreams in a bid to save the Elk Mountain tribe from extinction and ends up living out a fairy tale romance.
In the process of mass migrating to a new home in an alternate dimension with the help of his demon and witch friend, Grey learns that even strong willed werewolf kings can be struck dumb by second chance love and driven to foolish acts of desperation. He surprises even himself when he kidnaps a beautiful innocent who's spent her entire life in the cloistered environment of a cult.
Meanwhile, B Team learns the shocking truth about the origin of the vampire virus when Jefferson Unit hosts immortal teenage vampire.
If you love a grand mix of contemporary romance, paranormal fantasy, adventure, tears, laughter, and complex stories, this series is right for you. 17+

What do you do when you're an old fashion werewolf and there aren't enough females for your pack to mate with? You enlist the help of one of the most famous B Teams from the Jefferson Unit that is compounded by Vampire hunters and other supernatural beings.
Stalkson Grey is the king of his werewolf pack and thought he was happy to find love for his young blood wolves only, until visiting a distant alternate universe. There his sex demon guide goes to service the temple Virgins ( they are still virgins because they can't be touched by man and he is a demon).
While waiting for him he sees a beauty in red. He decides he will try to woo her and make her his mate. But when his time runs out and he knows he will never return to her time he does something they did in his pack a long time ago, he kidnaps her. Calling it a romantic abduction, he promises to only keep her for a month, just long enough for her to fall in love with him. But will he ever be able to let her go now that he has her?

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