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Blitz: Forsaken by Rachel MadburyForsaken by Rachel Madbury
The Surrender Series #1

Publication Date: September 24, 2015
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Romance, Suspense

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Graciella Snow has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She’s never known. Since her mom left when she was a kid she’s wondered what the point was to pretty much anything. Now that she’s done with college and expected to join the “real world” she knows she’d better figure it out. But first she has to deal with the house she inherited from her late mother. Going to Maine for the summer was the last thing she’d planned on, but after she meets Alexander Cole she begins to question everything she ever thought she knew.

Known in town as something of a recluse Alexander Cole has gotten used to his solitude. He’s poured himself into his work and it’s better this way, even if these small town gossips don’t understand. But when Grace shows up to take care of her mom’s run down beach house he can’t seem to keep his normal distance. She’d be better off if he did, but after all this time, he’s not so sure he can keep up the fight. How can he keep her from finding out who he really is? Can she ever trust a man with a past she might never know? 

Alexander remains by the table, his fists balled at his sides, struggling to regain his composure. He’s as frustrated as I am. I can see it from here. “Why did you come here?” I ask him, my voice sounding indifferent, even to me. He turns to look at me, his eyes so pale blue in the glowing light, I’m stunned by them. “When? Tonight?” he asks me, coming to lean on the doorframe. I nod. “I heard the office door close, but no one was in the waiting room. I saw the brownies,” he looks up at me with a sweet smile, “and the note… I tried calling for you, but you were already halfway down the stairs. I watched from our window and saw you run across the damn road. You could have been killed,” he says sternly, eyeing me from beneath his gorgeous lashes. “I gathered that you’d heard…that you were upset. I wanted to make sure you were alright,” he says sighing heavily. 
“But why do you care? I don’t get it.” It would have been so much easier for him to have just let me go. I’d never have contacted them again. He’d have been off the hook. Alexander looks at me, reading my face, my tone, his mouth turning down in a pained frown. He sighs, pushing off the doorframe and stalking toward me, his eyes on mine the whole way. 
“Because I do care,” he mutters stopping just in front of me, the heat of our bodies mixing in the space between us. I can barely breathe. My exasperation drains away. The ache at my core growing deeper from his proximity. Alex leans in, cupping my face in his hands and kissing me slowly, carefully, his lips taking mine as he draws me into him. He tenses, taking a ragged breath, and then bends closer. I brace myself against his arms, feeling tightness beneath my fingers. I grab him harder, up on my tiptoes, pulling into him. The current between us amplifies, our lips parting as he tastes my mouth, both his hands pulling me closer. He inhales in a rush. All I can feel is heat and hunger. Alexander draws my bottom lip between his teeth, lingering for a second before releasing me, both of us out of breath. 

About Rachel Madbury

Rachel Madbury is a New Hampshire based writer of sexy love stories. Her modern romances are filled with strong women and the men that are lucky enough to cross their paths. Perhaps the last to admit to being a hopeless romantic at heart, Rachel was a latecomer to the romance genre. These days she’s having a blast making up for lost time. When not tapping away at her keyboard or devouring the latest release from her own favorite authors, she loves to be outside, catch up on the latest HBO series, or road-trip around gorgeous New England. Almost as much fun as writing her romance novels is keeping up with her readers. If you’d like to connect with Rachel online you can find her at

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